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  • 10 Steps To Social Wall Success At Your Event

    November 24, 2015 : Ask any Event Professional and they will tell you that successful events don't happen by accident.

    The same can be said for your social media and your Social Wall, so don't leave it all to chance.

    Here we reveal ten steps to lead you to Social Wall (and Social Media) success.

    1. Spend Time On A Social Strategy

    Set aside some time to think and debate with your team about the goals of your Social Wall

    What are you wanting to achieve?

    Here's a few to help spark some conversation with your team:

    • Improve social engagement
    • Awareness of brand/event
    • Generate more sign ups for next event
    • Increase social account Followers
    • Draw attention to sponsors
    • Communicate event information
    • Set the tone/create excitement


    2. Communicate The Hashtag

    How many events have you been to where you've either been unaware that there was a specific event Hashtag or confusion as to the official Hashtag?

    Don't leave any room for doubt in people's minds as to the Hashtag you want them to use. Display it wherever you can in your venue (don't forget restroom walls/doors, or refreshment areas).

    Encourage attendees, exhibitors and speakers to use the hashtag on social media prior to your event by including it in all correspondence, including sign up forms, blogs, newsletters and even your email signature. 

    3. Inform Attendees How To Get On The Wall

    Although they're increasingly popular, not everyone has used or appeared on a Social Wall before. 

    For the less socially "savvy" explain that the event hashtag needs to appear within the text of their Tweet or Instagram post to have a chance of appearing on the big screen. 

    4. Hold A Contest and/or Display Leaderboards

    Who doesn't want the chance to win a prize or be seen as a "winner"?

    When it's as easy as Tweeting or posting on social media to be entered into a competition, most people can't resist.

    Our Social Walls come with Contest and Leaderboards for Top Users and Top ReTweets as standard, so you can decide to take full advantage of these fun features at the touch of a button - with added tools to help you filter out undesirable winners before they're announced on screen.

    5. Ask Questions


    Question for attendees


    For attendees who want to appear on your Social Wall but can't decide what to say, stimulate the social conversation with some questions!

    Simple questions that require relatively short answers are the best to give attendees the urge to interact. Long answers will most likely put people off and remember that Twitter has a 140 character limit, so brevity is key!

    You can ask questions either within your own messages in the content stream on your Social Wall, or with a Question Display Add-on with our Social Walls.

    6. Encourage Exhibitors And Speakers As Well As Attendees

    Don't just rely on your attendees to shout about your event on social media! 

    When your Exhibitors and Speakers post and Tweet, they are gaining valuable exposure for their own profile or brand at the same time as spreading the word about your event to their own followers.

    Let them help you get the buzz and anticipation building up prior to your event so it goes off with a bang! 

    7. Pre-Plan Social Content

    Of course you want to appear spontaneous and in the moment with your social posts during your event, but its not always easy to come up with inspiring messages on the go.

    Spend some time before the event to plan key messages that you want to communicate about speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and general fun topics throughout the day. If you keep some examples in your notes app on your phone, you can easily copy and paste to social media on the fly. And don't forget the hashtag!

    8. Curate Content

    Just because someone forgets to use the official hashtag in their Tweet or on Instagram, it doesn't mean you can't use it.

    Our Social Walls enable you to curate messages either by the message url or in just a "click" with our Google Chrome Extension Curation tool. 

    This is also a great way of pulling in highly relevant historical Tweets or Instagram posts that can really add value to your event.

    9. Integrate Sponsors and/or Advertisements

    How about generating some additional revenue for your event via your Social Wall?

    We have collaborated on a number of sponsorship options with event organisers and clients to bring a range of sponsorship opportunities and to develop a range of options for offering sponsorship on our Social Walls. 

    10. Give Non-Attendees A Link To Your Social Wall

    People love to feel like they're included and hate to feel like they are missing out!

    For those who, for any reason, can't attend your event, why not give them a link to your Social Wall?

    They can watch the conversation as it happens on screen and join in too - knowing their messages (with the hashtag) will be seen on the big screen on site.

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