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    May 24, 2013 : Your presentation is over and everyone seems to have enjoyed it. Great! But, wait, it isn’t over yet. The Q&A session is as challenging as the presentation. Don’t disappoint your attendees with a shoddy session. Read how our tool can help you to lead a great Q&A session.

    Thanks to our tool, you can take advantage of Twitter to organize your Q&A session. No needs for your attendees to hold their question till the end of the presentation; they can Tweet it whenever they think of it.
    With our moderation feature, you can select the best questions to be displayed behind the speaker. In the settings of your TweetWall Pro session, enable live moderation and follow the following 5 tips.

    IAB Interact 2013, Barcelona

    01. Share the hashtag with attendees before the conference
    In terms of hashtags, you have two options: either you work with the same hashtag for the whole event or you create a new one for the Q&A sessions. Whatever option you go for, you will need to communicate the hashtag as soon as possible. Attendees will know how to address their questions on Twitter. The sooner they send their questions, the better. It gives you more time to manage the flow.
    Our feature ‘announcement’ is perfect to communicate the hashtag. You can make the announcement appear every X minutes and make sure that people who watch the TweetWall know how to see their Tweets on the screen.

    02. Use various levels of moderation
    Our moderation feature lets you select a number of levels you’d like to use. If you use one level, the moderator selects the Tweets to be displayed on the TweetWall. If you use two levels, the first level selects the questions among all the Tweets coming from Twitter (mentioning your hashtag) and sends them to the second level. That second moderator chooses among all the questions that are the best. A third level might be used if the speaker is willing to take part to the moderation. S/he receives all the interesting questions and sends them on the TweetWall when s/he is ready to answer.

    03. Prepare answers before the session starts
    Our moderation feature offers a nice view of the moderated Tweets made for tablets. It means that you can have a look at the selected Tweets from your tablet before starting the Q&A session. In the blink of an eye, you can see what questions have been addressed to you. Take a couple of minutes to rapidly prepare the answers.

    04. Display the question while answering
    Repeating the question to make sure that everyone has heard is necessary when you give a microphone to attendees. With a TweetWall, you just have to display the Tweet on the screen while you’re answering. It might even catch the attention of those who were lost in their mind when you started to answer.

    05. Plan a short closing after the Q&A session
    Many speakers close the presentation with a Q&A session. The risk is that the last question leads you far away from your topic. Get the attention back to you with a short closing. Review the main points of your message and add the most interesting topics that you have addressed thanks to the questions. The last impression will be all yours.

    GSMA, Barcelona

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