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  • A Day In The Life of TweetWall Pro Onsite Support #MWC15

    Onsite support TweetWall Pro

    March 30, 2015 : Ever wondered what "Onsite Support" means when it comes to your Social Wall?

    Last month, three of us from the TweetWall Pro office made our way to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to provide Moderation, Content Curation and Onsite Support for our Social Walls for both Mobile Live TV and the hundreds of screens at the venue.

    Of course, not every event has an audience of over 93,000 attendees, hundreds of screens over the 100,000 net square meter of exhibition and hospitality space, 40 conference sessions, over 2,000 exhibitors, and needs three Onsite Support staff to facilitate it.

    So, here's a sneeky peek into our typical day - whether you read it for fun, want to understand the support we can offer, or just to get a feel for whether you might need support for your event, we hope you enjoy it.

    The Alarm Sounds

    Is it really 6am already? 

    Yep, it is!

    Up, showered, dressed, and ready for the day, we grab a quick bite of breakfast while powering up the laptops to reset the Social Wall session, clear out the previous/overnight Tweets and Instagram messages and make any changes to the two main Social Walls and set up new ones for the conference and keynote sessions, so it's all ready to fire into action as soon as we get to Fira Gran Via.

    7.15am we leave the appartment and arrive at our nearest metro station by 7.25am.

    Taking The Train

    The first train is fairly empty at that time in the morning and it's only a short journey to Plaça Espanya where you begin get a glimmer of the grand scale and excitment that surrounds Mobile World Congress.

    There are plenty of signs leading a trail to the correct trains, but just in case you do wander off course, attendants adorned in official Mobile World Congress uniform wait at strategic junctions, pointing you in the right direction. (Thank you MWC for making sure we couldn't get lost!)

    After walking up and down several flights of steps and through tunnels, there's a familiar undercurrent of panic as the train appears into view and throngs of suits flock through the sliding doors until, within seconds, it's bursting at the seams.

    Doors close leaving disappointed travellers on the platform - but they really needn't panic, there will be another train along in a matter of seconds to repeat the process again. 

    Fira Gran Via

    At the end of the line the swarm of suits emerge from the train and work their way up to the Metro exit, signs and attendants still directing along the way.

    As you reach the main road you can't help but be in awe of the huge billboard on the opposite side, and the mammoth screen on the side of a truck before you reach the convention center entrance.

    Mobile World Congress Samsung Billboard

    [Picture: Samsung Teaser Billboard outside MWC15 before the big reveal of their new S6 phone.]

    MWC14 Screen

    [Picture: Big screen on the side of a truck outside MWC14]

    After a few security checks on entering the building you start to become aware of the sheer size of the event. Major brands compete for attention with their extravagant and extraordinary structures, which could not be further removed from the typical image of an event "stand".

    ZTE stand MWC15

    [Picture: ZTE stand at MWC15 - finishing touches still being added the night before the show opened.]

    Of course, our Social Walls are also featured on screens and projected on walls throughout the venue - all shapes and sizes, welcoming visitors and encouraging them to join the conversation.

    SocialWall MWC15 Walkway

    [Picture: Dana & Raphaël from TweetWall Pro with a Social Wall projected onto an actual wall!]

    Social Wall above escalator MWC15

    Social Walls aren't only for big screens - they can be on smaller screens too, like these positioned at the top of escalators [above] and over moving walkways [below].

    moving walkway social wall mwc15

    It's now time for one of us to join the conference team and the other two to join the Mobile Live TV team in the production offices.

    Now The Hard Work Begins

    Our production office space is shared with some of the Audio Visual team and the Livestream production company.

    After wishing everyone "good morning", laptops are logged in to our Live Center control console.

    Tweets and Instragram messages are waiting in the Moderation tab to be Accepted or Rejected so we sift through some so the Social Walls have fresh content to display before we sort through the list of sponsors to determine who's messages will be highlighted for the day.

    Highlighting messages lends itself to a more organic or subtle way of advertising, opposed to pausing the social wall while you run a video or image advertisement. It also allows event organizers to accomodate more sponsors (and generate more revenue) without the Social Wall becoming purely an advertising board. And while attendees watch the Wall in anticipation of their Tweet, the sponsors can be sure that their own messages are paid attention to. Sponsored Tweets On A TweetWall

    With that completed, one of us continues to moderate messages in the Live Center, while also watching the wall to make sure everything appears as it should.

    To break up the day and add a little excitement, we teach the AV team how to get their Tweets on the Social Walls - we love to see their reaction, watching them taking photos of the screen, their 10 seconds of fame! It pays to make friends with the AV team - you never know how many times you may need the screens refreshed after tweaking your settings!

    AV Accepted Tweet

    [Picture: A Tweet from the AV/Multicast team ready for display in the moderation panel - just so he could see his Tweet on the big screen.]

    Meanwhile over at the......

    Conference Sessions

    The conference and keynote sessions are held in a restricted area and are run by a completely different team to the rest of the exhibition.

    Conference Session MWC15

    [Picture: Conference session in action with Tweets showing along the bottom of the screens (Ticket Style).]

    Around 15 minutes prior to each conference session, we meet with the relevant AV Tech to make sure they have everything correctly set up with the right link for that session.

    We also check that the conference team member who is going to be controlling the content has the correct link and specific hashtag, and is ready to start moderating.

    After that we remain in the session to assist with any technical challenges that might happen and Tweet some relevant questions in case the moderator or speaker needs them to help get the conversation going - Social Walls are still a relatively new technology that many people haven't experienced before, but it doesn't take long, after seeing one in action, to figure out what you have to do.

    Tag Cloud at MWC15

    [Picture: Tag Cloud displaying popular keywords from the social media conversation around the hashtag #MWC15.]

    Each day has a variety of conferences, and once they're all finished the TweetWall Pro team re-groups in the Production Office.

    It's Been A Long Day

    But it's not over yet.

    We stop moderating around 7pm, when the event concludes for the day, but the Social Walls will still run, shuffling the old content for the timebeing.

    After we've packed up our belongings and said our goodbyes for the day, it's roughly 8pm - and we make our way to the train station hoping that the line for the train has had time to clear. There's still a frenzy to get on the train as it pulls up but we manage to get on, albeit a little squashed.

    Plaça Espanya station is a welcome sight and it's a relief to step onto the platform.

    Now it's time to quickly drop off our laptop bags, quick change of clothes and find somewhere for dinner.

    Tonight we've decided on Tapas at a restaurant right by our apartment, the food was delicious even the intriguing chicken with a batter and potato chip coating, which we just couldn't resist trying.

    Chicken with Batter & Potato Chips

    [Picture: Chicken cooked in a batter and potato chip coating.]

    Now fully refuelled we take the short walk to our apartment and catch up on any emails and messages with a nightcap before we collapse into our beds at around midnight.

    6am is going to come around way too soon!


    All in all, we always have an amazing time at Mobile World Congress.

    The attention to detail and focus on the entire attendee experience, from conveniently collecting your pass as you arrive at the airport to including a metro ticket for the entire length of the convention, makes the experience memorable and stress-free.

    If you think our onsite/remote or moderation support service can give you peace of mind over your Social Wall at your next event, don't forget to mention it when you get in touch.

    Speak to you soon!

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