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  • Changing the Negative Into Positive - Our Biggest TweetWall Yet!

    August 15, 2014 : Irn Bru, Haggis, Sean Connery and the Proclaimers. Just a small selection of Scottish exports.

    But back in July, some of us from the TweetWall Pro UK office in the South of England had the pleasure of being exported to the beautiful city of Glasgow to promote World Hepatitis Day alongside the Commonwealth Games.

    PR Agency, Ketchum, working on behalf of the World Hepatitis Alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO), certainly found the ideal spot for our biggest and most impressive TweetWall to date, in the buzzing St Enoch Square. 

    The Commonwealth Games took place in Glasgow at the same time, generating increased exposure as Members of Parliament, Glaswegians, International Tourists, Students and office workers couldn't help but stop and stare at the huge animated screen, displaying messages and raising awareness of the disease.

    It all sounds very serious but the TweetWall was actually a lot of fun! On the right side of the the animation Tweets would appear, as you would expect with a TweetWall, yet the left side of the screen is where all the magic happened!

    The left half of the animation was covered with virtual bricks containing negative words about Hepatitis. As people Tweeted with the hashtag #ThinkHepatitis and #WorldHepatitisDay, the bricks flipped over to reveal positive comments. Once all the bricks had flipped, the wall would tremble and a volunteer from the audience would push a big red button causing the wall to crumble and fall, to rapturous applause and cheers from those watching. Before the wall reassembled, a short but engaging finger puppet video, highlighting key messages about hepatitis along with messages from key local politicians and leaders was played.#thinkhepatitis Big Red Button



    Some people think social media is an isolated thing, but real life events drive social media buzz. That's where something like TweetWall Pro and the screens we have today are really important because we have generated tons and tons of conversation from interacting with members of the public. Having something as big as this has helped drive this conversation. In terms of achieving enhanced social media buzz this has been amazing and has really come through today! 

    - Sebastian Stokes, Ketchum Senior Account Director

    We have had a lot of attention here in Glasgow. It's been brilliant to have all the MSP's down here and all the dignitaries from the WHO and get everyone talking. Kids have enjoyed pushing the red button and the video playing on big screens! Great Success!

    - Dylan O'Sullivan, Programme Manager Hepatitis Day

    With a social media reach of nearly 37.5 million, and trending in multiple cities worldwide, World Hepatitis Day 2014 turned out to be the biggest and best the World Hepatitis Alliance has ever seen.

    Whether your event is big or small, a Social Wall can do wonders for your social media reach and engagement. Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help with your event?

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