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  • Fitness Event TweetWall Increases Followers by 185%

    Jazzercise TweetWall

    March 27, 2014 : TweetWall Pro provided a TweetWall for an annual Jazzercise Fitness Event in Wembley, London. The event and TweetWall were a hit in so many ways - not just increasing their Twitter following by 185%... Read on to see what to else they achieved.

    Jazzercise UK holds a fitness event annually for 500 attendees in London. This event has sold out every year for the past 17 years, so is a consistent success.  However this year Tina Chasse, District Manager for Jazzercise UK & Ireland,  wanted to try and add something a little different through the extension of social engagement.


    "We chose a TweetWall for our three day event as we wanted something that would add some excitement and freshen things up while still sticking to the overall structure and schedule that our customers already love. “


    Jazzercise Instructor with TweetWall to the right


    “Some of us had experienced a TweetWall at another event and felt the excitement of seeing our Tweets on screen, but when we heard that TweetWall Pro could display pictures as well as Tweets, we were sold!”



    “Social Media has been proving to help our Franchisees with spreading the word, mainly through Facebook, but we could see that having a TweetWall could also prove to expose us to a wider market on Twitter.”


    Jazzercise UK had just 85 Followers on Twitter prior to the event.  The hashtag, #ukjazzercise was chosen in order to capitalize on creating awareness of the brand through viral tweets.


    Jazzercise Event TweetWallThe “buzz” began from the moment that event schedules fell through attendee’s letterboxes.  Between then and the end of the fitness event we estimate that there were in excess of 80 new Twitter accounts created (based on the number of Tweeters with very few followers that appeared on our reports) as the attendees were eager to have their Tweets and pictures displayed on the wall.   As a brand they have continued to promote Twitter usage through driving conversation at their franchisee conferences around the world with #JazzerciseConf14.


    “What really made our event was how complete strangers were helping each other Tweet and then following each other. They continued to engage, using our hashtag, for several days after the event which is great for our brand, resulting in a reach of over 37,000 and it will be even better next year once attendees have built up their own following.  Our Followers have grown to 242 which is an astounding 185% increase. Were so glad we chose TweetWall Pro as their product, support and advice has been amazing!”

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    “Thanks TweetWall Pro – well see you next year!”

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