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    The Child Internet Safety summit's TweetWall

    July 18, 2013 : You thought about your TweetWall as a way to include Twitter to your event. Well, fair enough, it’s a Twitter wall after all… But it can also be a great place to advertize. Isn’t displaying a logo or a video on a big screen the dream of every sponsor? Let’s see how you can maximize your TweetWall to get sponsored.

    We offer various ways to advertize. Choose one, two or all of them to convince your sponsor(s) to be part of the adventure.

    1. Use the Advertising Feature

      This standard feature lets you upload an image and/or a video to be displayed as much as you want (you select how often it appears). It can be a logo, an image full of logos (if you want to thank all your sponsors at the same time, for example), a TV ad, a marketing video, etc. It can be anything as long as it is:
      - an image (Format accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
      - a video (Format accepted: .flv).

      Disney Club Penguin as sponsor of the Child Internet Safety summit
      The Child Internet Safety summit was sponsored by Disney Club Penguin and AVG. Both logos were visible during the whole session (see next example) and in full screen (like above) from time to time.
    2. Add the Sponsor’s Logo to the Animation

      Make sure your sponsor’s logo is visible at all time: add it on the animation! Close to your event logo or at another corner of the animation, you can choose where we place it.
      the TweetWall at the Child Internet Safety summit
    3. Transform your TweetWall into a Sponsor’s Product

      Imagine the TweetWall as a platform to promote your sponsor. The whole animation can be branded. We can change the background color, the color of the text, the typo of all texts, etc.
      the TweetWall at the Foire du Livre 2013 (Brussels)
      During the Foire du Livre (a book fair in Brussels), there were several TweetWalls sponsored by Filigranes, a Belgian bookshop.
    4. Use the Highlight Feature

      What if your sponsor’s Tweets could appear differently? You can use the standard highlight feature to stress out those Tweets or you can trust us to create a special highlight only for you. Imagine the whole screen blinking when a Tweet from your sponsor arrives? Or the Tweet in big, appearing over all the others? Wouldn’t it be a very nice way to catch the attention?
      This solution leaves room to several sponsors. We heard from our customers that it can be really profitable...
      The TweetWall at the Digital Agenda Assembly 2013.
      At the Digital Agenda Assembly, organizers decided to highlight Tweets in a light red. Since other Tweets were in a grey box, it caught the attention easily. What if only your sponsor's Tweets were highlighted..?
    5. Organize a contest

      We offer a nice tool to organize contests. Start a session and when there are enough Tweets, activate the contest tool and it will display a countdown then pick the name of a winner. You can activate the contest tool as many times as you want to, meaning that you can offer several prizes during your event. What’s your sponsor’s place in that? Easy, it can provide you with the prizes, have its logo on the animation or have a branded contest tool. It can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time!
      TweetWall Pro's contest animation


    Need a custom-made idea to make room to you sponsor(s)? Ask us for more info!

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What is TweetWall Pro ?

TweetWall Pro is an audience particiaption solution that displays the social conversation on screen driving engagement, brand exposure, and event awareness. Stream content from social media, SMS or web messaging systems to support diverse audiences.  

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