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  • TweetWall Pro Partners With Final Third Media To Create "TweetWall Pro Sport"

    January 6, 2015 : When we founded TweetWall Pro, it was to meet a need in the conference industry. Audiences were increasingly dis-engaging as their attention was drawn to the ever expanding content on their smartphones.

    So, working closely with event organizers, we set out to create a solution that would provide conference planners the opportunity to command attention and re-engage with delegates without resorting banning smartphones in seminar rooms.

    Six years later and we could never have imagined how the social wall phenomenon has been embraced outside of the conference sector. 

    We often discuss with our clients about how there really is a place for a social wall wherever you have "a screen and an audience". Indeed, we've been a part of very successful activations in television, product launches, theaters, cinemas, outside broadcast, retail and across the wider sports industy. 

    It was in the sports sector that we first started talking to Chris Rivett, Managing Director of Final Third Sports Media. Chris and his team have spent 10 years working alongside sports clubs, governing bodies and venues helping them to maximize engagement opportunities and strengthen the relationship between the sports industry and it's consumer.

    Chris Rivett, Managing Director of Final Third Sports Media, said:

    "From the very first conversations we had with TweetWall Pro, it was clear to see that there was a lot of synergy between the companies, and the potential the product has for enhancing live sporting events through engagement is very strong."

    Working together, TweetWall Pro and Final Third aim to offer a collective approach to consumer engagement, where our signature social walls become an integrated part of a much wider fan engagement proposition.

    Chris continued:

    "We're excited to be undertaking this journey with TweetWall Pro, and have already begun conversations with several brands and organisations who are interested in using the technology to engage with their target audience."

    If you are intersted in using TweetWall Pro at a sporting event, please contact Final Third at +44 1604 593990. 

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What is TweetWall Pro ?

TweetWall Pro is an audience particiaption solution that displays the social conversation on screen driving engagement, brand exposure, and event awareness. Stream content from social media, SMS or web messaging systems to support diverse audiences.  

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About us

TweetWall Pro officially launched in May 2010 in Silicon Valley at SF New Tech, the Bay area's largest, longest running, and most loved monthly technology event designed for start-up technology companies. Since 2010, TweetWalls have been used at hundreds of events worldwide including conferences, tradeshows, concerts, corporate events, sporting events, and has even been integrated in live TV programming.

Our company's mission is to provide innovative social media tools to drive customer engagement in real-time at events and extend the buzz of events virally through social networks.



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