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  • Why We Love Our Moderation Console (And You Should Too!)

    May 21, 2015 : When our TweetWalls were first revealed to the world, our moderation was considered cutting edge, while simple to use.

    Five years on, our moderation is still easy to use but has evolved into an incredibly robust and comprehensive tool, bringing powerful features that heighten the success of social media at events.

    These days many (but not all) TweetWall, TwitterWall or Social Wall providers offer some kind of moderation, the basics usually being Accept, Reject and maybe a profanity filter.

    Divided into four sections, our moderation console, takes the control of your Wall to another dimension. Take a look and see what you can do.Moderate Panel for Social Wall

    Automatic Filters

    You can choose to have your Social Wall messages automatically filtered to remove RTs (ReTweets), specific @users or keywords - you can use our pre-prepared "banned word" list or use your own.

    Automatic Filters on TweetWall

    These filters can be utilized on their own without moderation, or in conjunction with manual moderation.

    Manual Moderation - The Basics

    As you would most likely expect, clicking Accept pushes the relevant message to the Wall in the order they were accepted. If you Reject a message it does not display on the wall. 

    The Save For Later button moves the message into the Moderated panel, where all content that has been Moderated is stored and tagged for easy retrieval when you need them. This can be really handy for timelymessages or Question and Answer sessions.

    Accept Reject or save for later

    You also have the option to Accept or Reject all the messages shown, Take A Break (if you need to step away from your computer/device for a few minutes it will reassign your message queue to other moderators if there are any), and Reject All Pending Messages.

    Accept Reject List

    When first considering a Social Wall for events, these are the functions most users look for and they certainly are the most used.

    However, that's before they know about all the added extras that allow you complete control over your social wall content.

    Moderation - Supercharged Content Control

    So what if you discover a message that would be perfect to show immediately but it won't show up for a few minutes as you've accepted other that are sitting in the queue.

    That's when you click on the twisty triangle on the Accept button and select Accept & Display Next.

    For the times when your "To Moderate" stream is full and you have a message or Tweet that you're not sure of, or you just want to delay for a few minutes, the Save For Later button's twisty allows you to postpone the message for 5 minutes. After that time it just pops back into your queue.

    Accept Reject alternative Social Wall

    Our Secret Sauce

    Well, maybe it's not so secret, but our Curate tool can certainly help you add a little spice to your content. 

    Just click on the Curate tab in the moderation panel and you can add the specific Tweets or pull in recent Tweets from a specific user to then choose which one(s) you want to display on your Wall. This is great for pulling in specific Tweets that you want to display or for loading in additional content at the start of a session. 

    Display any Tweet from Twitter on your Social Wall

    But our Piece de Résistance is our Google Chrome app which lets you curate from Twitter with just a click (next to the Favorite button at the bottom of the Tweet a TweetWall Pro T appears).

    Tweet action bar with TweetWall Pro Chrome app

    Filters - Added Extras in Live Center

    In the dashboard you had options to filter ReTweets and specific users and/or words.

    Our Live Center gives you even more options to drill down and select more relevant content.  These simple filters help you to whittle down content in high volume events, sort by a particular source, or even find a a specific message.


    The Power of Tagging

    Our tagging feature may look a little inconspicuous but don't let that fool you!

    Click on the twisty and a menu appears - Avatar blinks and White flash are both ways of highlighting messages to attract attention to the user profile picture or the message as a whole.

    Tag your Social Wall messages

    Where Tagging really comes into it's own is when you create your own. It's really easy to do and you can create as many as you like. Just click "Create a new tag", name it and hit "Save Tag".

    Create a tag for your social wall

    Now when you find a message that needs following up, is from an interesting user, or would be great to display again later in a Q&A session, just tag the message before you Accept (you can use as many Tags per message as you want) and you'll easily find them in the Moderated panel when you need them by clicking on the tag name that you created.


    The Tags you create appear as yellow buttons and you can refine your search by selecting multiple buttons and filtering options.

    Once the session is finished, comprehensive reports are available for download that include the messages, tags, users and other useful information - which can then be with relevant people or departments for follow up and analysis.

    Additional Extras

    Our Live Center also has ways of restricting the number of messages single users can send to the Wall, banning or prioritizing users, directly ReTweeting, Favoriting and replying to Tweets, activating keyboard moderation, and you can also access and adjust your moderation settings.


    So, what do you think? Do you see why we love our Moderation console? 

    Simple to use, whilst giving you the power to control the content you want to display, at the time that's right for your event.

    While you're hear, why don't you find out how you can generate income from your Social Wall with Custom Highlights or how you can use Gamification and our Tag Cloud to increase engagement and interaction.

    If you like the sound of our moderation, you'll like our customized Social Walls even more! Get in touch to discover how we can help you with your next event!

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