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  • 5 Reasons Why Social Media Isn't Working For Your Events

    March 19, 2015 : Have you tried using Social Media for your events and been disappointed when your high expectations have been crushed by lack of response by attendees?

    You're not the only Event Professional to experience a Social Media flop - but that doesn't mean that it WON'T work for your events.

    As you can probably guess, we attend quite a few events and have seen some amazing successes as well as epic fails! 

    Here's a list of common mistakes we've seen Event Planners make:

    1.  No Clear Social Media Goals

    If you don't know what you're aiming for, how can you expect to know when it's a success?

    Set clear (and realistic) goals and discuss WHY you are using social media for your event:

    • Do you aim to increase your brand's Followers by x%?
    • Is brand exposure more important?
    • Or maybe it's more about enriching the attendee's experience so they become your ambassadors - spreading the word and eager to attend your next event
    • Or something else

    2. No One Knows The Event Hashtag

    It amazes us how many times we attend an event but can't find the event hashtag anywhere - even when we're looking for it!

    Deciding on an event hashtag should be one of the first items on your to do list, so that it can be included on all event materials.

    Make sure you communicate the hashtag on:

    • Registration forms (and suggest people Tweet that they're going to #EventHashtag)
    • Registration confirmations
    • Event Programs
    • Event email newsletters
    • Event Posters/Banners/Billboards
    • All your event staff's email signatures
    • Event Website or Web Page
    • Event passes
    • Put signs in rest areas and on lunch tables asking them to join the conversation
    • Post event questionnaires/surveys - continue the conversation after the event

    #ChampionsDay hashtag sign

    #hashtag example

    Of course, don't forget to include details of how they can connect with you on all your social channels too!

    3. Problems With The #Hashtag

    No one has exclusive rights over using a hashtag - you can't buy one, so deciding on the right one for your event is crucial. 

    Here's some tips on creating a great event hashtag:

    • make it memorable - if it's hard to remember people won't use it
    • keep it short - people will be typing on their phones so make it easy for them. You're also limited to 140 characters on Twitter so give them room to express themselves
    • research it before you use it - we attended an event recently which used a hashtag that happened to also be the title of a popular song in the charts at that time. Tracking the hashtag and the event conversation was impossible!
    • make it unique - using the initials or keyword of an event or brands

    Want an example of a good hashtag? If we were holding an event we might go for #TWP15 - it's short, unique, so unlikely to be used by others, and easy to remember.

    4. No One Is Driving The Conversation

    Great social media conversation doesn't happen by accident - someone has to break the ice!

    Pre-plan some content to prompt attendees to Tweet or post messages and give them ideas on what to say.

    Our suggestions would be:

    • ask questions - "What are you most looking forward to today?", "Were you in @speakers session just now? What's your key takeaway?"
    • state facts about your event, venue or exhibitors
    • announce speaker sessions and tag them with their @username
    • give a "heads up" on exhibitors with giveaways
    • make other announcements such as where and what time they can get lunch, what time the event closes etc.
    • use a Social Wall - they're great for bringing attention to the social conversation, and people love to see themselves on the big screens when their message is shown
    • remind them to message on social platforms

    5. Attendees Aren't Reminded To Use The Hashtag

    As we mentioned earlier, your hashtag should stand out on all your printed materials, emails etc. but don't stop there!

    Have speakers or announcers/introducers to remind people to message using the hashtag both at the beginning and end of sessions.

    If you're using a TweetWall or Social Wall, Tweet or message letting attendees know HOW to get on the Big Screen - don't just assume they know to use the hashtag!

    As mentioned briefly earlier, breakout or rest areas, snack bars or anywhere attendees may stop to eat, drink or refresh are ideal places to have signs reminding people to Tweet - they'll most likely be on their phones checking their social media anyway, so give them something to talk about!


    So, you've learned what works, now it's over to you to put them into action. We would love to know if they help make your next event a huge success!

    If you've found this article helpful, you may also be interested in 17 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Following and Managing Multiple Hashtags For Your Event.

    Don't forget - if you want to find out how a Social Wall can enhance your events, let us know!

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