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  • 3 Ways To Make Your Event Family Friendly

    June 8, 2015 : We all understand the importance of knowing and understanding your target customer or audience, but when it comes to events where you need to accommodate a variety of ages, abilities and interests, it can be hard to know where to start.

    Generally speaking, as long as the children are happy, so are the parents!

    Try the following ideas to make your event one that families can't wait to sign up for again next time.

    Outdoor and Indoor Games or Activities

    It's great to get kids outside if the weather's good - these activities can be done inside or outside, dependent on space:

    • Board games - use tape to create huge game boards on grass, concrete or carpet, and make huge dice from cardboard boxes
    • Outdoor Jenga or Connect 4 are always a hit because their oversized pieces make the games a lot of fun
    • Simple equipment like skipping ropes & hula hoops 
    • Scavenger Hunt - leave clues for the kids to follow and have treats ready for those that complete it. This can also be a great way driving traffic to key stands or areas at your venue
    • Pick'n'Mix - goes without saying kids (and adults) love candy!

     pick'n'mix at event 


    Seated Activities

    When the children are absorbed in something, it gives the parents the chance to chat with each other, take a break or maybe focus on what your exhibitors have to offer. 

    Try these ideas to keep them entertained:

    • Cupcake decorating - they love playing with icing, sprinkles (and they love eating it all too!)
    • Mask Making - superhero's, monsters, fairies and other creatures - great for a selfie contest too
    • Have a movie room - let them chill out and provide popcorn, snacks and drinks
    • Face painting - not just for kids, adults often like their faces painted too!
    • Goody bags - have them available in refreshment areas and fill them with crayons, puzzles, finger puppets, stickers and paper


    Promote Your Event

    While everyone's having so much fun, don't forget to give them plenty of opportunities to promote your event on social media and spread the fun for you. Display your event hashtag wherever you can, before and during your event. 

    Hold selfie competitions if they've had their face painted or have the parents take pictures of their children with the masks, cupcakes or anything else they've made. 

    Provide a photobooth and some dressing up clothes or funny hats.

    Use a Social Wall or TweetWall so people see their messages on the big screen and Tweet or post some more pictures of themselves having fun - maybe even hold a contest or run Leaderboards for prizes.



    Kids also get very excited when they can send their own messages, so while they aren't old enough for their own social media accounts, our unique web messaging platform works perfectly - all you need to provide are some tablets with internet access at convenient locations around the venue.

    With the web message system, children can take their own pictures and craft their own messages to appear on the Social Wall or big screen! And as always with moderation in our Live Center, you have ultimate control over the content to be sure it's appropriate for sharing with your audience!


    We hope you've found this blog article interesting - if you did, you may want to read about Custom Highlights - The Sponsorship Solution You Didn't Know You Needed or if you want to know more about using social media effectively at you events our articles 5 Reasons Why Social Media Isn't Working For Your Events and 5 More Reasons Why Social Media Isn't Working For Your Events.

    And to find out how we can help you make your next event the best yet, give us call or send us a message.

    Speak soon!

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