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  • 5 Signs You Should Invest In A Social Wall For Your Event

    Social Wall Needed Sign

    September 6, 2015 : It’s not uncommon to see a Social Wall (a.k.a. TweetWall or TwitterWall) at any size of event these days, from intimate company meetings, to weddings, right through to huge conventions and concerts, even TV shows.

    If you don’t currently use Social Walls for your events, how do you know if they are worth a try?

    Here are some signs that your event could be missing out by not having one.

    1. People Are Taking Selfies

    If attendees are taking #selfies at your event, you’re definitely missing a trick if you don’t have a social wall!

    The number one reason people take a #selfie is to put it on social media – if it’s a group selfie, then the other’s in the picture get tagged in and share it to all their followers too.

    If attendees are taking #selfies to post on social media, then you can bet they’d be ecstatic to see themselves displayed on a huge screen at your event….. other attendees then follow suit, spreading awareness of your brand and event to all their friends and followers.

     Selfie Image For Social Wall 

    [See how AIBTM ran a #selfie challenge at their event]


    It’s easy to see how events can trend on Twitter and Facebook in this way!

    2. Q&A Sessions Lack Engagement

    When the speaker has finished with their presentation and you open the floor to questions are you deafened by the silence? It’s understandably the part most event planners dread!

    With studies estimating that 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety when speaking in public, is it any wonder that it can be such a struggle encouraging attendees to speak up?

    That’s where a Social Wall comes in – texting or Tweeting a question or message removes the main obstacle for attendees who would otherwise love to get involved and voice their opinion. As a result, Q&A sessions end up being informative and relevant to the audience, creating a much richer experience all round.

    SMS texting can be used in place of, or in addition to, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, depending on whether the session is public, or private and confidential.

    3. There’s No “Buzz” About Your Event On Social

    Are you Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming but no one’s taking much notice?

    Are the people who are likely to engage with you on social actually AT your event, experiencing it in person rather than checking their Twitter Stream or Newsfeed?

    Attendees may be having the time of their lives at your event, but who’s going to know if you don’t give them a reason to share it?


    When attendees realise their social posts can end up on a huge screen, it gives them a reason to join the conversation and keeps reminding them too! And while they’re trying their hardest to get their moment of fame on the Social Wall,  the message that they’re having fun at your event is being broadcast to their social networks!

    4. You Want A Bigger Budget

    Trying to match your budget to the things you know would take your event to the next level is often an impossible task.

    Generating revenue by inviting sponsorship on your Social Wall could be the answer you’ve been waiting for!

    From full screen advertising (which interrupts the social content stream) to highlighting sponsor’s social posts we have a variety of options to help you offer sponsors opportunities to expose their brand to your attendees that they will gladly pay for.

    5. You Run Contests Or Competitions

    Contests and competitions are fun and really easy to do using our Social Walls.

    Contests encourage your audience to get involved in the social conversation – everyone who posts a message to a specific hashtag(s) is automatically entered, then a winner is randomly drawn and displayed on the big screen.

    The Contest feature is included free with all our Social Walls and there’s an array of settings to help you set any restrictions you feel are appropriate, such as filtering out specific users (such as your own brand).


    Leaderboards for Top Users and Top ReTweets also connect with attendees competitive side, inspiring them to generate quantity and quality social content.

    Voting or Polls (choosing between several options) and Battles (a visual scoreboard between two “sides”) are also great ways to increase audience participation – an extra fee is applicable for Voting and Battles.


    Have the signs that you need a Social Wall at your events been staring you in the face?

    If so give us a call or send us a message to find out how we can help!

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