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  • How To Make Attendees Feel Valued At Your Events

    June 22, 2015 : There's nothing more likely to tempt attendees back to your next event than making them feel valued and appreciated - not "just a number".

    Having a voice and being heard can work wonders to your attendees experience and, with social media and Social Walls, it can be easier than you think to spark a connection and make your target audience feel special and want to come back for more!

    First impressions count! So a gentle "touch" when they initiate the first contact with you can go a long way to forging a great relationship.

    When attendees register ask them for their Twitter @username and invite them to your communities on Facebook or Google+.

    In the next few days follow and connect with them on Twitter - they'll get a notification that you've followed them and may follow you back.

    Twitter Lists

    The next step is to add them to a Twitter List. In fact, it can be good practice to create Twitter Lists for every event - one for attendees, one for exhibitors and one for speakers if you have any. (Find out more Twitter Lists)

    Twitter Lists not only help focus on relevant conversation and make it easier to engage, but they can also be subscribed to - great for encouraging attendees to connect and network, so be sure to share the lists with other attendees, exhibitors etc. 

    When a user is added to a List, they receive a notification, so it won't go unnoticed, is flattering, and is another signal to them that they are valued.

    Of course, if you set your Twitter Lists to private, you won't benefit from being able to share the lists, nor will the user receive a notification, though you will still be able to use them for monitoring and engagement. 

    Using A Social Wall/TweetWall

    What could make someone feel more special than seeing themselves on the big screen? 

    TweetWall with Tweet

    It's surprising how even the most introvert and shy people react when they see their Tweet/message on a Social Wall. A common reaction is for them to take a snap of their message on the screen, which they then message again to their followers. 

    Or you could even choose SMS to invite non-social users, or for complete anonymity, so attendees don't have to fear or be embarrassed by what they want to say (don't worry, with our comprehensive moderation, you still choose what shows on the Wall).

    Making your event even more memorable (and with the pictures in their photo album to remind them of it).


    There's no doubt about it, Gamification drives more conversation, sparks competition and increases attendee interaction.


    Contests pick a user at random from everyone who has Tweeted, or posted on Facebook and Instagram (and SMS and Web Messaging) using the event hashtag or other specified criteria.

    tweetwall pro contest

    Most Active Users

    The Most Active User leaderbaord displays the top three users. It has been known for attendees to wait and watch the Social Wall to see if they are in the lead.

    TweetWall leaderboard

    Top ReTweets

    The Top ReTweets Leaderboard encourages attendees sharing great content to encourage their Followers to share - exponentially increasing exposure of the brand.

    Top ReTweets

    Social Walls, along with social media, can truly transform your events - turning them from "just another conference" to a dynamic, engaging platform for networking, leaning and connecting.

    Want our help to transform your next event? All you have to do is get in touch - we can't wait to speak to you!

    If you found this article useful, you may want to read Why Facebook Is Fabulous For Events and Managing Multiple HashTags For Your Events.

    Come back soon!

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