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  • Inspiring Interaction and Engagement At Your Conference Speaker Sessions

    July 1, 2015 : When you consider that research shows around 74% of adults can feel paralysed at the thought of speaking in public, it's no wonder that Q & A sessions aren't always easy to spring into life.

    Steering conversation between presenters and audiences requires great people skills, forward thinking, assertiveness, and flexibility, but the part that most Moderators dread can be the silence that follows "Let's go to audience questions".

    So What Can You Do About It?

    In order for people to feel comfortable in asking questions or voicing opinions, they need a "safe" environment to do so. 

    Some people start to feel more comfortable putting up their hand after the ice has been broken by other people asking questions first.

    But what about those people who would never want to raise their hand - their contribution could be just as valuable, or even more so.

    Use A Social Wall

    Our Social Walls can be used along side presentations, either full-size on adjacent screens or integrated on the bottom of the main screen using our Ticker Style template.


    Questions or comments can then be Tweeted, or posted on Facebook or Instagram using hashtags or a variety of criteria used to pull relevant messages to the Wall.

    Of course, there are people who aren't comfortable posting questions in their Twitter Feed or on other social media either BUT don't worry, we have solutions for them too!

    SMS lets attendees text annonymously to a dedicated number, so they can say whatever is on their mind without fear of repercussions - this has proved especially useful for events such as internal company meetings, but can be used in addition to social media posts.

    One meeting delegate said the following as the result of using this function. 

    "I'm new in the company but this has been the best meeting I've ever been too.  It's clear you value our feedback!

    Web Messaging can also be used either in isolation or with other social media platforms so attendees can easily join the conversation.

    How Else Can We Make The Moderators Job Easier?

    All our Social Walls come with our moderation tool, as standard. 

    In addition to Accept & Reject, you can also "Save for Later", which puts the Tweets and other messages that you choose into another panel so you can easily find them later.

    For more complex conference seminar situations where you might choose to run different Social Wall displays in each breakout or seminar, messages can be categorized by creating and applying "tags" related to each session, so you can release the relevant information at the right time.  The tags carry through to the report, too, so you can view the content later. 

    Tagged Tweet

    When reviewing the messages that have been saved for later or tagged the speaker session moderator or chair can choose which ones they want to address. 

    Messages on the Social Wall generally change dynamically every few seconds, but our Remote Control feature lets you pause, forward and rewind messages instantly so you and the audience can remain focused and on topic.  

    Find out more about our Moderation tool. 

    More Great Tips

    Make sure you announce the Social Wall and any relevant hashtag prior to each speaker session and invite people to Tweet/message throughout. Seeing questions and comments come up on the Wall will inspire more engagement. If you're still worried that there may not be any questions to start with, pre-prepare some questions in advance and display them, the audience won't be able to resist joining in.

    It's important that your speaker(s) know what to expect and it's great if they can also remind people to submit their questions at key points throughout their presentation.

    So, now you know how a Social Wall can inspire attendees to feel a valuable part of your event by allowing them to voice their comments and questions in real time, and using tools that they're most comfortable with. 

    Do you have any other ideas to encourage participation in speaker sessions? If so, please share them with us.

    Find more ideas on How To Make Attendees Feel Valued At Your Events, how to use Gamification and Tag Cloud to drive engagement, and loads more on our blog pages.

    And of course - if you want to talk about Social Walls, just give us a call or ping us a message.

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