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  • Launching Social Media At Your Event

    June 30, 2014 : How can you really capitalize on the potential that can be achieved through social media at your event? We have talked about how to plan for your event in our previous blog, Planning Social Media For You Event, but now that your event is here, what can you do? Here are some suggestions, tips and tricks to use on the day and throughout your event!

    During Your Event

    You already have your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other relevant Social Media accounts set up,  you've begun to create a great BUZZ online with your followers, and you have Tweets prepared for the big day. Great job! – But it’s not over yet.

    Engage, Listen, and Engage some more!

    Tweet a lot! Share those pre-planned Tweets, ask questions, announce speakers or lunch breaks – anything you know your attendees or Followers will find interesting.
    Keep Tweets short. Allow room for ReTweets (RT) by limiting your Tweets to around 120 characters.
    Listen. Everyone likes to communicate, which means a two-way conversation. Don’t just Tweet and Post and leave it there. Listen to the conversation and contribute when you can. RT or Favorite Tweets,Like and Share posts, answer questions and respond to comments. You’ll be surprised how it can encourage more interaction and build a connection with your Followers. 
    Post pictures and videos.  Videos and photos drive more engagement and sharing, so be sure to include lots of these on the day.  Capture key moments and speakers and include them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and Instagram.  Even share them on Pinterest boards. 
    Run competitions such as selfie campaigns, or prizes for the most creative responses and/or the most activity on various social mediums. 
    Leaderboard TweetWall

    If you are using a TweetWall :

    Set up your TweetWall session to include: All Tweets with your event hashtag; Tweets from or with your @username; Tweets from your Twitter Lists such as your speakers
    Include other social mediums and messages Add SMS messages, web messages or Instagram tags to increase engagement.
    Teach people how to interact with the TweetWall. Twitter is still new to a lot of people, so it’s helpful to have someone onsite to support new Twitter users and to encourage participation.  Even better, provide resources in advance to encourage people to create and update Twitter Accounts to participate in TweetWall conversation.
    Moderate Content - Use Moderation tools to filter and organize content.  Filter unwanted messages to maintain a positive experience for your event and brand
    Categorize and Save Tweets for Later. For question and answer sessions or follow up you can delay the release of messages so that they appear at the right time
    • Use the curate feature of TweetWall Pro to bring in any interesting Tweets from Twitter, even if they were posted prior to your event or haven't included the event's hashtag you can now bring in any Tweet!
    We hope this has given you a few ideas and strategies for utilizing social media during your event.
    Want some ideas on how you can continue to maximize Social Media AFTER your event read our blog on Leveraging Social Media Post Event
    Or if you missed our blog on Planning Social Media For Your Event you can read it here.
    Have fun!

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TweetWall Pro is an audience particiaption solution that displays the social conversation on screen driving engagement, brand exposure, and event awareness. Stream content from social media, SMS or web messaging systems to support diverse audiences.  

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