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  • The Best Kept Secret to Increasing Sponsorship Profit

    October 30, 2014 : Imagine… you could have any Tweet Wall or Social Wall you want at your event and it doesn’t “cost” a thing! In fact it actually makes you (or your client) money.

    Imagine...Your event goes viral, it even #Trends on Twitter. You don’t have to worry about selling the next event because you already have eager attendees trying to register before this one’s finished.

    Well, we can’t guarantee all of the above, but we can show you how you could offset the costs of your TweetWall and generate income from it…

    Include A TweetWall In Your Sponsorship Strategy

    You already have sponsors who are willing to pay for your event lanyards, pens and other items. So how much would they pay for your screen real-estate?

    People love to watch the Tweets on the Tweet Wall – they even take pictures when their Tweets appear and then Tweet that picture too AND with your sponsor’s logo on for all their Followers to see, not just those at your event.

    Of course, we understand that not all events are able to incorporate sponsors, but if you get the chance we have a few ways to integrate them so they can be as blatant or subtle as fits the occasion.

    So How Can Sponsors Appear On Your TweetWall?

    As our Social Media Walls can be completely customized for our customers, there are almost limitless ways to give your sponsor, or sponsors great visibility.

    Below are some examples of how events have already had success with offering sponsorship of their Tweet Wall or Social Wall.


    Calls attention to a particular Twitter @user, keyword or brand and can be done in two different ways:

    Basic Highlighting

    Tweets from the sponsor can be:
    • Flashing with different colors
    • Change colors
    • Have a star next to the @user name.

    Advanced Highlighting

    As Tweets either mentioning or from the sponsor’s @handle appear, the TweetWall transforms into their branded Tweet Wall display.


    Announcement Feature

    Everyone notices when a message starts scrolling across the screen!

    Our announcement feature can bring attention to key speakers, special events and more such as:
    • Visit Booth 21 to see the latest app from ?????
    • Want a free iPad? Join the contest at 4pm – Booth 21
    • See Jim Smith present at 3pm
    • New product launch Booth 21 in 5 mins! Don’t miss it!
    And so you don’t have to remember to make the announcements at the time, you can schedule to have one-off announcements at designated times or schedule a message once an hour throughout the event. 

    Logo Integration

    Logo Integration

    There are a few ways to incorporate one or more sponsor’s logos;
    • A static logo integrated into the background as a key sponsor
    • A number of static logos integrated into the background to show multiple sponsors
    • An area of the Tweet Wall rotates to expose one or more sponsors at a time
    • A blend of the two – one or more static sponsors and a rotating panel.


    Advertisement Feature

    Just like when you watch TV, the TweetWall can be paused for an advertisement to appear. The adverisement can be a Flash video file (no audio) or a static image.

    Advertisements can either be set to a specific time or can be scheduled to repeat at set intervals.

    Sponsored Gamification and TagCloud

    Integrate sponsors in to the standard gamification features available.  Use sponsor gifts to give away for Contest winners.  Let them be the sole sponsor of the Most Active Users and Top ReTweets or be the official sponsor of the TagCloud.  So many contemporary offerings available. 

    Realising The Potential Revenue

    Different sponsors will have a variety of budgets and other restrictions – some like some exclusivity too!

    By offering a range of sponsorship packages you can easily offer unique opportunities to “selected” sponsors and pitch with prices to fit their budgets.

    Who wouldn’t be tempted with:
    • “Only 5 companies are being offered the opportunity to play a 30 second video advertisement every 30 minutes.”
    • “With thousands of Tweets being received to our hashtag we are offering the unique opportunity to be one of only ?? companies who’s @brand Tweets will be highlighted and prioritized on the TweetWall.
    • “This year we’re providing the chance to one single sponsor to get a complete branding of the TweetWall for all the tweets mentioning them.”

    ….. And Still, There’s More

    As an added bonus or for an extra charge to your sponsors or exhibitors you can provide a full report on the event’s hashtag and social activity. 

    From the report they will see all event activity around the event hashtag(s) including social media contact info for all active participants and all shared photos.   You can find out more about our comprehensive reports here.

    So, do you still think you can’t afford a Tweet Wall or Social Media Wall at your event? With the revenue opportunities available, we actually think you can’t afford NOT to, unless of course it’s a closed event where you can’t invite sponsors at all.

    Want to know more about how our TweetWalls can enhance your events? Just get in touch and we’d love to have a chat with you!

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TweetWall Pro is an audience particiaption solution that displays the social conversation on screen driving engagement, brand exposure, and event awareness. Stream content from social media, SMS or web messaging systems to support diverse audiences.  

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