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    July 7, 2014 : It's the morning of your event and your boss says "...and don't forget to Tweet today - we want lots of Social Media activity!"

    With dozens of items on your to do list already whizzing around in your head, how do you know where to start?

    Keep this list of Tweets handy for when you're drowning, or just for inspiration in crafting your own Tweets - Enjoy!

    We have provided you with a current (character count) to get you started.

    1. We're attending #EventHashtag today - looking forward to seeing what's in store! (80)

    2. Inspiring way to start the day! Thanks @handle. #EventHashtag (61)

    3. Can't wait to hear @handle speak after lunch. What are you looking forward to most? #EventHashtag (97) 

    4. Well, we're halfway through the day at #EventHashtag. What's been your favorite part? (86)

    5. You're not going to want to miss our #product demo - come and see us at #booth. #EventHashtag (93) [attach a picture]

    6. What a great bunch of people at #EventHashtag today! Thanks for making our day! (79)

    7. We're lovin' the #Selfies today! Don't forget to include #EventHashtag - we don't want to miss any! (99)

    8.There's so much to see and learn at #EventHashtag today - what's top of your priority list? (91)

    9. There's lots of #freebies being given out today - tell us which one you think is the coolest. #EventHashtag (108)

    10. Not attending XEVENT - follow the activity online with #EventHashtag to join us virtually! (90)

    11. Keep your Tweets and pictures coming with #EventHashtag, we are enjoying them! (77)

    12. Stay tuned to #EventHashtag for the big reveal on the new product from @username. (81)

    13. Tweet your questions to @username with #EventHashtag and we will answer them! (77)

    14. Special thanks to our key sponsors @username & @username for helping make today possible! #EventHashtag (103)

    15. Surely it's not the end of the day already? What was the best part of the day for you #EventHashtag (99)

    And as an extra treat, here's 5 ready made Tweets if you're using a Tweet Wall or Social Media Wall:

    Tradeshow TweetWall Pro

    16. Nothing like seeing your Tweets & pics on the big screen #TweetWall - use #EventHashtag to see yours! (96)

    17. Wish you were at #EventHashtag today but can't make it? Get the buzz online with our #TweetWall. (95) [Provide link to the TweetWall online - use to shorten the URL or use tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite who shorten for you.]

    18. How many of your Tweets will make it to the #TweetWall today? Just use #EventHashtag in your Tweet! What are you waiting for? ;) (128)

    19. Who wants a prize? Everyone who Tweets a pic of our #product to the TweetWall today gets entered to win! See you at #booth. #EventHashtag (138)

    20. Tweet your questions to #EventHashtag and our speakers will respond! (68)

    Don't forget to insert relevant usernames to replace @handle and your official Event Hashtag where we have inserted #EventHashtag.

    We hope these ready made Tweets are helpful and your event goes swimmingly!

    Have fun!

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