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  • Twitter Jargon Explained

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    April 15, 2014 : If you're new to Twitter, or just haven't used it much, Tweets can look like an alien language. But there's no need to feel excluded from the conversation!

    Here is a a run down of the most commonly used jargon on Twitter.


    A handle is the same as a username – this is what appears next to the @ sign.


    Short for Direct Message. It is just used for sending a message directly to another user. It’s strictly between two users and cannot be seen by anyone else.



    • Follow – by following someone on Twitter you are asking to see their Tweets or posts.

    • Following – those you have chosen to Follow

    • Follower those who have chosen to Follow you

    RT or ReTweet

    Like something you’ve read and want to pass it on to your followers? Click on the ReTweet button – it will appear with a RT at the beginning of the Tweet to show that it’s not original content.

    MT or Modified Tweet

    Just like a RT but the MT tells you that the original Tweet has been changed or added to in some way.


    The # symbol is used to mark topics or keywords in a Tweet:

    • You place a # before the relevant keyword or phrase (with no spaces) – this then shows the Tweet in the Twitter search results.

    • If you click on a hashtagged word in a Tweet, Twitter will show you all the other Tweets marked with that same keyword.   

    • A Hashtag can appear anywhere in a Tweet – beginning, middle or end.

    • When a Hashtag becomes very popular it “Trends” (appears in the Trending Topics section on Twitter).

    Hashtag etiquette:

    • If your hashtag contains more than one word it’s a good idea to capitalize the words to make them easier to read, eg. #ILoveTweetWalls.

    • Only use hashtags relevant to the topic of your Tweet.

    • Don’t over tag a single Tweet – no more than two per Tweet.


    When you enjoy a Tweet, mark it as a Favorite – a yellow star will appear next to the message and the Tweeter will receive a notification that you’ve favorited their Tweet.


    Clicking on the Notifications tab lets you view interactions, mentions, recent follows and Retweets. You can see who’s favorited or ReTweeted your content, all of your @replies and @mentions.


    Twitter Reply

    A reply always begins with a @username. It’s usually in reply to someone else’s Tweet.


    When you first log in to Twitter you see a list of Tweets from the people you have chosen to follow. This is known as your Timeline.


    When you Follow people on Twitter you can put them into “Lists”. These lists can be Private (only you see them) or Public (others can see your lists and even follow your lists). You can create lists for many purposes - maybe to separate friends from business associates or a list for each of your different interests. You can then view Tweets from each list to help you focus in that area.




    Have fun Tweeting!

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