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  • Twitter Lists - Event Planners Hidden Gem

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    August 7, 2014 : Let's face it, you have lists for pretty much every aspect of your event - and then, one or more lists to prioritize those lists.

    But one under utilized list that's commonly missed by event planners is the Twitter List.

    Maybe it's because they're not obvious to spot? Or maybe some don't know that they exist or how to use them.

    We think they're a hidden gem for event planners, once you know how to use them effectively.

    Lists help you organize the brands, companies, and people who you are following, so that you can cut through all the noise and follow and develop conversation for a specific topic, event or group of people.

    So what kind of lists would be useful? 

    • Lists of Vendors, sponsors and speakers
    • VIP list for key attendees or groups of attendees
    • List of event organizers/exhibitors
    • A private List of your internal team 
    • A list of potential vendors, sponsors or groups of attendees who you wish to attract to your event
    • Lists of celebrities, athletes, or politicians taking part in events
    • List of event bloggers to see the latest in the event industry
    • List of event/meeting tradeshow planners to see what folks are talking about
    • List of Membership agencies like MPI, ISES, IAEE to name a few to stay abreast of latest trends

    Twitter List example

    Where Do You Start?

    Firstly, maybe we should explain the difference between Public and Private Lists and how to create a list, if you're new to using them!

    A Public List is one that can be viewed by anyone on Twitter - @users are notified when they are added to a Public List and anyone can view or Follow your entire list.

    A Private List is just that - private to you. No one is notified that they have been placed in a Private List.

    Creating A Twitter List

    To create a List go to your profile and click on More then click on Lists. The next screen gives you an option to Create a List. (If you're on mobile scroll down on your profile screen and click on Lists, then click on the + at the top of your screen to create the list.)

    Create A Twitter List Image

    Lists are automatically Public so make sure you change the setting to private if you prefer to keep this list confidential.

    How do I add Twitter users to my list? 

    To add someone to a list you click on the "cog" when you view their profile, click on "Add/Remove from lists" then choose which list(s) you want to assign them to.

    Twitter Settings Cog

    If it's a public list the individual users will be notified, which is a bit of a boost for them, knowing that someone is interested.

    Using Your Twitter Lists

    Once you have created your Lists you can view Tweets in each List's individual stream by clicking on the List Name.  Review content to find information to ReTweet, favorite or reply to, to help drive conversation.  ReTweeting and building relationships with those that matter to your event the most will go a long way. 

    How can the list be used during the event?

    During an event Tweet activity amongst your speakers, brands, exhibitors etc., will increase so it's really useful to follow these lists so you can see what exciting things people are talking about, including new products, speakers, key activities, feedback, etc. The lists help you keep an eye on what people are saying even if they don't use your hashtag.

    If you are using one of our TweetWalls you can load the lists (as long as they are public) to your TweetWall session. All Twitter content from the selected lists will then be presented to you in the moderation panel, so you can easily pick what you want to share. Simply Accept, Reject or Save for Later.

    TWP Settings

    If you want to be more selective, rather than have all Tweets from your list appear in the Moderation panel, you can use the Curate feature to pick specific Tweets from your list to display. Click here for info on how to use this tool.

    Enjoy using Twitter Lists - we're sure you'll be addicted to them, just like we are, very soon!

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