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  • Why Facebook Is Fabulous for Events

    June 4, 2015 : It's the most popular social network out there and boasts 1.44 billion monthly active users, which leaves all the other social networks a long way behind.

    If you're not using Facebook for your events then you may be missing out on way more that you think.

    So what can Facebook do that Twitter or Instagram can't?

    Well, aside from posting messages to your Facebook followers, which is similar to the other networks, there are also other tools and benefits that you may not have thought of, or knew existed.

    Create An Event

    Make it easy for attendees to find relevant information and network before, during and after your event by using Facebook's free Event Pages which link to your business Page.

    It's very easy and straightforward to do - go to your business Page and click on Offer, Event+ at the top of your status box. You are then presented with options to set up an Offer, an Event or a Milestone.

    Facebook Event page

    Once you click on Event, just follow the steps Facebook takes you through to set up your event page. Don't forget to add full details of the event and a link for people to sign up or get tickets. You can also use "Narrow Audience" to target the event "invite" to location, language, age, and more.

    An Event Page encourages attendees to share and invite their Facebook friends with very tempting "share" and "invite" buttons just underneath the cover photo.

    Share or Invite buttons for event

    As the big day approaches don't forget to remind people to RSVP on your event page.

    Facebook also gives Event Page hosts Insights so that you can measure reach, how many event page views and how many engaged.

    Target Your Facebook Posts

    Facebook made it possible to target posts at specific audiences quite a while ago now but it's often overlooked.

    In a social media world that's obsessed with Reach and Engagement, it's easy to disregard the targetting tool in thinking that it would restrict the number of people who see your posts - why on earth would you want to do that?

    Before we make assumptions, it may be a good time to consider how Facebook's algorythm decides who sees which posts.

    Facebook wants each user to enjoy every experience they have when they log in, so they go back for more. The way they do that is by showing a user content they think will be most interesting to them. It analyses whether the user has interracted with a person or business before, what type of post a user usually interracts with (video, image, link etc.), how popular a post has been with other users, and how recent the post is, and many other factors.

    So yes, it's true - the potential overall reach of your post seems like it may be restricted if you target it to a smaller number of people BUT because the post is targetted to those who are more likely to find it relevant and interesting, it stands to reason they may also be more likely to engage with it too (liking, sharing or commenting), potentially extending the Reach exponentially.

    To target your posts, just click the target button that appears at the bottom of the status box. (If the target button doesn't show you may need to turn it on - go to Settings>General).

    Target facebook audience

    Once you click on Narrow Audience, up you can choose who you want to target with this list:


    Great Content

    You know great content works but we can sometimes get stuck for ideas on what to share.

    It's also a good idea to plan ahead and schedule at least some posts by using Facebook's own scheduler or using other tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and PostPlanner to name a few.

    Mix up your posts with images and videos of your last event, information on the venue, tips on managing their time while at the event, information on speakers or some exhibitors, what food is available, any discounts or special offers from exhibitors, a list of what not to miss, what to avoid etc.

    Ever thought of putting your posts in an image to gain more interest? With tools such as Canva and PicMonkey you don't have to be a graphic designer to make simple but elegant images using interesting fonts for text.

    Increase Engagement By Using a Social Wall

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great networks to use on your Social Wall. Along with SMS and Web Messaging attendees can now use their social network of choice, making it far easier for them to share and engage with great content.

    Of course, when attendees use Facebook to interact about your event, you then reap the rewards of your increased popularity in the eyes of their algorythm for the next few posts too!

    Not thought about using Facebook on your social wall before? 

    Get in touch - we would love to talk to you about it.

    Find out how to use content from Facebook On Your Social Wall.

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