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  • The Belgian Invasion -- SFnewtech

    May 18, 2010 : is counting down to our big presentation in San Francisco

    As many of you already know TweetWall Pro has jumped the pond and is causing quite the stir in the United States. We will be presenting our unique Twitter Wall at SFnewtech on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 from 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM (PT).

    Hey wait... That's today!

    Co-founders (and brave presenters) Vincent Vandoorne and Pascal Alberty have been in San Francisco since Saturday night, and if their tweets and twitpics are anything to go by, then it seems they're having an amazing time in that beautiful American city. After a long flight, they were both quite tired and ready to find their hotel and get some rest. Vincent absent-mindedly left his laptop on the plane -- that's tech-geeks for you haha -- but don't worry, he recovered it quickly with the help of a kind airport employee.

    Finally they made it safely back to the hotel and got some much needed rest. The night passed as they all do, too quickly and with the sunlight creeping through the shutters to wake up our intrepid travellers. They got up slowly, shaking the sleep from their eyes, and wondering: "Is it true? Are we really in San Francisco?"

    Yea boys! It's true, you're really there. Now it's time to have some fun!

    With smiles permanently stuck to their faces, Vincent and Pascal went out into the streets in search of a "real American breakfast". We're talking a huge serving of runny eggs, enough bacon to give you a heart attack, and a towering mountain of hashbrowns. They weren't disapointed!

    Imagine their surprise when the city of San Franciso greeted them with this:

    Turns out that they arrived just in time to witness the annual "Bay to Breakers" footrace, which takes place every year on the third Sunday of May. This event is well-known for participants engaging in varying degrees of public nudity... oh mon Dieu! The atmosphere is really festive, with people dressing up in all sorts of crazy costumes and drinking in the streets. I'm sure Vincent and Pascal felt right at home in their TweetWall Pro shirts!

    They spent the rest of the day enjoying the atmosphere of San Francisco and visiting the site of the webmission at SFnewtech, to prepare themselves mentally for the pressure of presenting TweetWall Pro. I hope they're not too nervous haha... remember guys, just imagine that your audience is wearing nothing but underwear, and have fun!

    Mmmmmm... all that walking makes you hungry, but it's hard to find "les frites  belges" in San Francisco, so the guys stopped in to Nara Sushi for a quick bite before heading back to the hotel. What a day!

    On Monday, Vincent and Pascal had a lot to do. They planned on visiting both Twitter HQ and GooglePlex on the same day! After a quick video conference with the office here back in Belgium (where we all became increasingly jealous of their fantastic experience), they set out on the road to have some fun and maybe learn a thing or two from these succesful companies.

    What they neglected to tell us in the video conference was just how they intended to travel between Twitter HQ and GooglePlex. Here at the office we imagined they would take a taxi or maybe rent a car for a day and try their luck on the American motorways.

    It's probably better they didn't tell us, or every one here would probably get more jealous! Turns out that they got together with some of the other Belgians presenting at the webmission and rented a limousine to cart them around the city in style!

    Wow... hold up guys, you're not millionaires yet!

    Look at those smiles! All that's missing is tuxedos, a couple bottles of Champagne and some big Cuban cigars. Lock your doors... the Belgian mafia is in town!

    Vincent and Pascal seem to be having a lot of fun in San Francisco, but they're working hard as well. Preparing a live demo of TweetWall Pro and presenting it in English in front a large crowd poses certain challenges for these Belgian entrepreneurs, but they're facing the challenge with confidence. The webmission at SFnewtech is a great opportunity to create some buzz for our product, and back here at the office, we know that we're very well represented with Vincent and Pascal as ambasadors for TweetWall Pro.

    Okay... back to the limo and time to get informed at GooglePlex. The guys arrived just in time. There's a lot to be learned in the offices of, after all it is a monster of a website. Anyone and everyone who uses the internet uses Google; somehow they've managed to tie themselves indelibly to the internet and blow the competiton right out of the water. And now Google is spreading it's formidable wings and making inroads to all different types of markets.

    When Google does something, people take notice. So when the people at Google decide to impart some insight to little web startups like TweetWall Pro, we listen... attentively!

    Vincent and Pascal's visit to GooglePlex was a great success. They even had the opportunity to run TweetWall Pro in one of the buildings, and they apparently got some really positive feedback... That's good news!

    Finally, one last bit of information, it seems that Vincent and Pascal had the opportunity to run TweetWall Pro at a restaurant in San Francisco while dining with some Belgian buddies. Back here at the office, we don't know much about this development, but hey... it's on Twitter, so it must be true!

    Stayed tuned for more information on the webmission at SFnewtech, which is happening TODAY in San Francisco. If you'd like to watch a free stream of the event you can do so on, simply search for SF New Tech.


    Follow TweetWall Pro as we take the USA by storm: @tweetwallpro

    Follow Vincent and Pascal as they tweet from San Franciso: @gplouf and @zorrobiwan

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