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  • Twitter and TweetWall Pro for Dummies

    January 12, 2011 :

    What is Twitter?

    Twitter is a web tool for micro-blogging that allows all subscribed users to communicate through messages with a maximum of 140 characters, called Tweets. It’s called micro-blogging since every message is like a mini post of your site or your blog.

    It is also a bit similar to your Facebook status or a text message, but the major difference is that by default, the information is visible to everybody.

    So bit-by-bit it forms a gigantic amount of information of what is happening around the world.

    By following other users, people you know for example, you create what is called a Timeline, a list of messages written and sent by those you follow. That’s the classic way of consuming the vast amount of Tweets.

    Another way is the direct search: let’s say I go to my Gmail account and it says: “there’s a technical problem”. I do a quick search using the keyword ‘Gmail’ on Twitter and I’ll see (or won’t) messages by other users if they are encountering similar problems. Very handy, but foremost extremely fast and efficient!

    So you can imagine all the other ways of use, especially for journalists or communication managers and marketeers who can now follow what the Twittosphere is writing about their company or brand ‘in real time’.

    Read this post on Wikipedia to learn more.

    What is a Tweetwall (or wall of tweets)?

    During certain events (e.g. the RTBF DJ Experience), the organizers often wish to have giant screens that show related info and offer a way to interact with their visitors. When those screens show Tweets, it is called a Tweetwall.

    It’s been proved that, when linked to the concept of a Hashtag, Twitter is a perfect tool to obtain that goal. A Hashtag is a ‘code’ you add to your tweet that easily allows everybody to know what it relates to (e.g. #rtbfdj in the case of the RTBF DJ Experience)

    Why install a Tweetwall? Mainly for two reasons:

    • To get interaction going between the visitors of the event and/or with the organizers.

    • To create a Buzz and make publicity for your event: in fact, all Twitter users that follow somebody who is attending your event see what is happening over there while reading their Timeline. So they are up to date and can possibly join their friends.

    What is TweetWall Pro?

    TweetWall Pro ( is an online service allowing you to configure and display Tweetwalls during events. The user registers, creates a session related to his event by adding a Hashtag and setting a duration, chooses how the Tweets will be displayed (the visualization) and off he goes.

    The user has numerous Visualizations to choose from, so he can pick the one that suits him best. In function of his public, the atmosphere of the venue,...

    If the organizer wants to, he can use one or more of the additional functions:

    • Highlight certain Tweets based on key words or the person who created the Tweet,

    • Automated moderation: messages containing certain words or created by certain people are automatically suppressed,

    • Manual moderation: the organizer receives a list of Tweets before they are publicly displayed and he selects those that will be sent to the screens,

    • Displaying sponsors: the organizer can show a video or a picture of his sponsor’s logos on the Tweetwall at the frequency he chooses.

    • Displaying messages: the organizer can add messages, e.g. requesting to include the event’s Hashtag with Tweets, at the frequency he wishes

    • And more functionalities are coming...

    TweetWall Pro is a web service that doesn’t require any installation of software, is very easy to use and charges you only for the time of displaying. You can also use it for free on condition you accept regular displaying of messages by one or more of our sponsors.


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What is TweetWall Pro ?

TweetWall Pro is an audience particiaption solution that displays the social conversation on screen driving engagement, brand exposure, and event awareness. Stream content from social media, SMS or web messaging systems to support diverse audiences.  

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