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  • 16,000 Tweets for #thevoicebe!

    mars 1, 2012 : The Voice Belgique enthusiats shared their opinion on Twitter last night. We reached 16,000 tweets. That is a great start for the live shows.


    The Twitter community gave life to our TweetWalls on Tuesday night. And what a success !


    You were about 3,000 enthusiasts expressing your opinion on Twitter during the first The Voice Belgique live show. Almost 16,000 tweets have been published; which represents around 50 tweets per minute.

    The most enthusiast Twitter user shared 118 tweets.

    We are quite positive you can do better next week. Do you take up the challenge ?


    And for those who have missed it, here are a few pictures.


    A quiet Smartroom before the show...

    ... but behind, people are already working hard.

    And the TweetGraph is busy showing how many Twitter users are active then...

    ... while some of them express their jealousy.





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