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  • 6 Tips to Use Twitter at your Event (Part 1)

    novembre 28, 2013 : Social media is the center of all marketing activities these days! So how do we capitalize on this at events? As Twitter is our speciality, we have these few tips on how you can use this particular channel to develop a community and keep people talking about your event before, during and well after your event!

    In preparation of your event, we have outlined these four steps, organizing an account, getting followers and choosing and communicating your hashtag. For tips on how to maximize the use of Twitter during the event, read the second part.

    Before Your Event

    1. Organize a Twitter Account for Your Event
    A well organized Twitter account is an essential part of making sure that your brand and event is well represented.

    • Use the event logo as avatar. This makes the account recognizable and provides uniformity with all event branding.
    • Use a simplified name of your event as your Twitter username (what follows the sign @). The full event name can be mentioned in the name field to provide the full detail. Example: If your event is called "The Business Experience". The username can be: @bizXperience with the Business Experience written in the full name field.
    • In the bio field of Twitter, enter your event description. Just like the logo is the perfect avatar, a great bio is the best way to identify this as your official account. Communicate the name, the dates, the venue, and the event hashtag (see below) and a short description. Make it brief and concise.

    Club Med Belgium chose a simple name related to the brand (@ClubMedBE) and used the brand logo as the avatar.

    2. Develop Your Following
    Now that your account is created, you need to develop awareness for this account.

    • Start following important people in your field. Following them, will in turn increase your following as well.
    • Create a list of persons implied in the event such as the speakers if it is a conference, the singers if a concert, etc. This list will help people interested in your field to find you.
    • Engage with brand and industry ambassadors. Search for people on Twitter that are discussing items related to your event or identify key brand ambassadors on your company’s Twitter account (if applicable). For example if you are a specific technology company, you may want to identify Twitter users that are most active with your brand and/or your event to generate increased conversation.

    3. Choose an Event Hashtag
    Using a specific hashtag is a great way to organize all conversation related to your event. A hashtag is a keyword preceded by the # sign. Thanks to the hashtag sign before your keyword, this word can be searched and clicked on in Twitter, making information easy to find.
    A good hashtag should be:

    • Short, no one wants to type a long word on a mobile phone…
    • Unique. Before selecting a hashtag, check on Twitter that it isn’t in use already. A unique hashtag helps ensure conversation is related to your event. Common practice is to choose an abbreviation of your event, followed by the year. Example: #MWC13Conf used by Mobile World Congress for their conferences in 2013.
    • Easy to remember. If it’s difficult to remember there will be less activity.

    4. Communicate the Hashtag
    Communicate the event’s hashtag and Twitter Username on everything! Place them on all print and electronic marketing material. Communicate the hashtag on your website, in your blog, during the event opening remarks, and on all of your social media forums. Remind attendees constantly.
    However, be careful to not overuse hashtags or they will be considered spam. One or two hashtags are enough.

    Funny fact: Did you know that Tweets containing a hashtag receive twice as much engagement as those that don’t?
    But one or two hashtags are enough, don’t overuse them or you will be considered as spam.


    At TED, they used several hashtags depending on the topic: #TED2013 for the general event, #TEDTalks for the speakers and #TargetAtTED for related events.


    Now that you know how to prep for your event, you can start your event! To maximize Twitter during the event, read our 6 Tips to Use Twitter at your Event (Part 2).





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