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  • 6 Tips to Use Twitter at your Event (Part 2)

    novembre 28, 2013 : Social media is the center of all marketing these days! So how do we capitalize on this at events? As Twitter is our speciality, we have these few tips on how you can use this particular channel to develop a community and keep people talking about your event before, during and well after your event!

    There are things to do prior to the event and those to do during the event. This blog focuses on what to do during your event. For the tips on how to prepare for your event visit the first part.

    During the Event

    1. Generate a conversation during the event.
    The event is the main focus, so don’t forget to engage in the conversation.

    • Tweet a lot! Share content, post new resources, ask questions. Announce speakers or coffee breaks... Write anything really. Just be active and interesting to your community.
      Maximize the opportunity for a retweet (RT) by limiting your Tweets to 120 characters. This provides 20 characters for Retweeters.
    • Be responsive. Retweet and favorite key Tweets. Reply to any query. Acknowledging comments and questions, whether positive or negative, can go a long way!
    • Reward Tweet activity. Offer prizes or chances to win for Tweeting or being the most retweeted driving increased engagement.

    At iStrategy, the company Hootsuite Tweeted to let attendees know that Ian Robin's speech, a Hootsuite employee, was going to be delayed.

    2. Incorporate a TweetWall or Twitter wall.
    Statistics show that incorporating a TweetWall in to your event can increase Tweet activity tenfold and even set trending topics as experienced by the Dubai Mall with their #VFDE correlating to their Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience in October in 2013.


    With a TweetWall event attendees have the opportunity to read and respond to event comments and questions in real time and experience the added value of seeing their Tweets on screen driving increased conversation and excitement.


    Twitter is simple. Short messages, few options and millions of people are connected, so be sure to take advantage of the power of Twitter at your next event with these 6 Simple steps to build a community and keep people talking about your event for days to come!





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Why not including a TweetWall to a comedy festival? That's what Mrugank Desai, at the head of a digital team at FoxyMoron, thought. He therefore contacted us.

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