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  • avril 26, 2012 : Today a TweetWall is side by side with the Belgian PM, the Italian PM, the President of the EU, the President of the European Council, and many more at the European Business Summit, in Brussels. Twitter users are more and more encouraged to take part to European debates.

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  • avril 24, 2012 : This morning, a debate on "Europe in Crisis: the Challenge of Winning the Citizens' Trust" took place at the European Parliament. A TweetWall gave the opportunity to outsiders to comment and ask questions to insiders.

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  • avril 23, 2012 : Si la loi française interdit de donner des résultats avant 20h, rien n’empêche la communauté Twitter de partager ses impressions sur le réseau. Comptes officieux et officiels se sont affrontés lors de ce premier tour des présidentielles françaises. Et nous, on en a profité pour mener une petite expérience…

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  • avril 20, 2012 : Luca Brecel, 17, is the youngest snooker player to be qualified for a world championship. He faces the best players at World Snooker.

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  • avril 20, 2012 : To all snooker lovers, TweetWall Pro will be part of World Snooker in Sheffield. It starts on Saturday 21st of April and ends on May 10th with an Award Ceremony in London.

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T?moignages tous les lire

The company Arinex was in charge of the organization of a conference in Sydney, Australia. Andrew Durbridge, Team Leader at Arinex, used TweetWall Pro to include Twitter to the discussion.

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