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  • septembre 25, 2012 : Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, was publicly Tweeting at San Francisco's Embarcadero yesterday. He was standing in front of our interactive TweetWall, playing with the touch screen, specially made for the event organized by Canon, for the launch of the LongLiveImagination campaign.

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  • septembre 19, 2012 : On 15th of September, we were attending that great concert hold by the radio NRJ near Brussels. The radio wanted to create more interaction and displayed a TweetWall during the whole show. It was a success!

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  • septembre 10, 2012 : Part of our team is enjoying IBC and Amsterdam for a few days. We are lucky enough to attend conferences with amazing speakers such as James Cameron and Will.I.Am.

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"By using TweetWall Pro, I think we have changed the dynamic of events for Silicon Valley." Mario Tapia - Director MobileMonday Silicon Valley

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