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  • avril 16, 2013 : The speaker is on stage, attendees are quietly listening and dozens of small screens are lightening the audience. Behind the speaker, a big screen displays the Twitter flow. Everyone is listening, Tweeting AND reading the Tweets. Is the last action really adding something to the debate? Or is it distracting the audience? Any conference organizer had thought about this issue. As Twitter walls providers, let us try to answer…

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  • avril 12, 2013 : Twitter had introduced Trends to 160 new markets. Some of those are countries that will get the service for the first time like Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Norway, Ukraine and Kenya. More than 130 new cities, in countries that already enjoy Trends, will offer more local news.

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T?moignages tous les lire

Last weekend was held the Iroquois Steeplechase, "the premiere spring race in American steeplechasing and Music City’s traditional rite of spring". Around 25,000 visitors were expected. Dorothy Thronton, President at Music City Dealz, ordered a TweetWall for the event. She answered a few questions.

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