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  • octobre 30, 2013 : The headwear brand installed TweetWalls in the heart of the British capital to promote their international campaign #SpeakWithYourCap. These were part of the pre-game events supporting the NFL international Series in London this past September and October.

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  • octobre 10, 2013 : Every year, the French-speaking radio NRJ organizes a big concert in Belgium with a dozen of singers going on stage. The outdoor event gathers 50,000 people. Last year, NRJ installed a TweetWall. This year, NRJ elected not to use a TweetWall. Curious as we are, we have decided to compare Twitter activity from both years and the results are impressive!

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T?moignages tous les lire

During the Biennial in Florence, the organizers wanted to include social networks to the event. They have installed a TweetWall inside the Palazzo Vecchio, the city's medieval town hall.

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