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  • janvier 30, 2015 : If you haven't seen our demo lately, you may want to login and have a play with all of our new standard features, experience our add-ons such as sponsor loops and voting, and see the range of customization options we offer to meet branding requirements.

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  • janvier 29, 2015 : Streaming content from a variety of social media channels in a multitude of different ways is really easy with our Social Walls.

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  • janvier 27, 2015 : Your event is well under way, attendees are Tweeting and Instagramming messages to your event #hashtag and enjoying their 5 seconds of fame on the big screen (Social Wall).

    It's time to check your social media streams to monitor what's happening online and you notice some Tweets that would be perfect content for your Social Wall but they don't contain the #hashtag. If only there was a magic button you could press to make them appear.

    Have no fear! - Our TweetWall Pro Chrome Extension is here!

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  • janvier 8, 2015 : Research at the Qualmann Institute indicates that while only 14% of consumers believe 'traditional advertising', 78% trust peer review. The world of social media has changed word of mouth marketing exponentially, offering reviewers on sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and Amazon the chance to share their views with the world. Literally.

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  • janvier 6, 2015 : When we founded TweetWall Pro, it was to meet a need in the conference industry. Audiences were increasingly dis-engaging as their attention was drawn to the ever expanding content on their smartphones.

    So, working closely with event organizers, we set out to create a solution that would provide conference planners the opportunity to command attention and re-engage with delegates without resorting banning smartphones in seminar rooms.

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T?moignages tous les lire

TweetWall Pro is easy to implement and the ability to moderate messages directly from their smartphone is very significant. -- Christophe Lefevre, Community Manager

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