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  • Back from the #Midem

    février 4, 2012 : The Midem was such an experience ! We met and listened to many interesting people and saw a lot of TweetWalls in action. Now we'd like to share every piece of this weekend with you.


    On Visionary Monday (on January, 28th), we listened to very skilled people talking about how to attract the audience nowadays. Big companies were represented such as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Rovio and Saatchi & Saatchi. We gave an audience to a fascinating speech made by Zahavah Levine (Director of Content Partnerships, Androïd at Google) about new devices and how to adapt the musical content to them. Major companies have to take into consideration that we are all having a MP3 player in our pocket on our smartphones.


    Another speech that caught our attention was about gathering creative minds and big brands. Wendy Clark (SVP, Integrated Marketing Communications & Capabilities at Coca-Cola Company) and Mark Ronson (Artist, Producer & DJ) shared their knowledge on the topic.


    A TweetWall was diplaying questions and messages during the whole conference. At the end we came to meet people who attended the event. Let's start our Midem video serie with a short video on people's experience with TweetWall Pro during the Visionary Monday. 



    Curious to see how it was in the conference room? Watch this video (around 33'50'' in particular to have a look at the TweetWall and Ted Cohen interacting). 


    Watch live streaming video from midem at





T?moignages tous les lire

The 2013 edition of the FedTalks was held on June, 12. "The largest annual gathering of the top 1000 leaders from the tech and government IT communities" took place in Washington, D.C. Joe Corbett, Lanyap Creative Co-Founder in charge of the TweetWall for the event, shares his experience with us.

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