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  • Fabulous Hats, Fine Fillies and Engaging TweetWalls!

    novembre 12, 2014 : The buzz around British Champions Day at Ascot Racecourse's historic turf on Saturday 20th October 2014, the richest ever day in Britain horse racing, was evident from the minute the throng of 28,000 excited racegoers stepped through the entry gates proudly branded with with #ChampionsDay hashtag for the event. As was the buzz around the hashtag itself! #ChampionsDay was prominently featured on all printed Official Programmes being sold onsite and on banners throughout the racecourse - encouraging racegoers to Tweet and share their experience.

    With the penultimate encouragement for engagement occurring as a result of the big screens displaying Tweets live as they appeared. A huge brightly lit screen was positioned center stage trackside by the racecourse itself and another was situated prominently in the main Grandstand Concourse at the base of the elevators leading up to the Premium seating boxes.

    This Tweet humorously attested to the power of the social media walls to boost attendee engagement by showcasing Tweets and Instagram posts on the day. 

    Significantly adding to the buzz around the event and its hashtag was the decision by Ascot Racing's dedicated social media team to embed TweetWall Pro's customized TweetWall directly on the home page of their British Champions Series website for the week before the event. Tweets like "Ah the excitement for #ChampionsDay is kicking in. You might even get me in heels for the day!" appeared on the display regularly cycling over the week beforehand.

    A BBC Sports article about Champions Day, published the day after, noted the positive impact of the TweetWalls in showing a "modern side to a sometime stuffy sport … as it looks to embrace a younger audience." The prominence of the TweetWalls also started a #modernracecourse thread on Twitter. Nice.

    As an added bonus, and very exciting for the global Twittersphere, was the fact that her Majesty the Queen followed up her time at Ascot for Champions Day with her first ever Tweet just days later from her @BritishMonarchy account. The hashtags #QueensFirstTweet and #QueenTweets were trending globally as a result.

    Congratulations to the Ascot @ChampionsSeries #ChampionsDay social media team for a truly successful campaign. Resulting in 2,300 Tweets and an overall reach of close to 9 million unique Twitter users according to their post-event report (a customized and comprehensive report delivered to all users of TweetWall Pro). The TweetWall Pro team in the UK was proud to be actively involved in this year's historic Champions Day event at Ascot. Being there onsite in person, on the social media wall screens and in the week leading up to the event, actively inspiring excitement and contributing to developing the next generation of racing devotees.

    Champions Day Program

    The Champions Day social media strategy around the #ChampionsDay hashtag was clearly evident throughout the event in all print materials, signage and of course, on the big TweetWall Pro displays at the Ascot racecourse itself.

    Champions Day Tweet

    Buzz around, and engagement with, the #ChampionsDay hashtag was enhanced by featuring the TweetWall Pro TweetWall on the home page of the British Champions Series website for a full week before the event.

    Champions Day Racecourse

    All #ChampionsDay Tweets and Instagram posts were displayed on the big screen trackside and directly in front of the main grandstand enclosure.

    TweetWalls at Champions Day

    Tweets and Instagram posts were innovatively displayed on screens within the main Grandstand foyer prompting even more engagement by attendees. #modernracecourse

    Dana & James Rowe from TweetWallPro

    James and Dana from the TweetWall Pro management team arrive to be greeted by the #ChampionsDay hashtag on arrival.

    Champions Day Tweet on the Wall

    Just a fun Tweet! #Cheeky


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