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  • The First (almost) Permanent TweetWall with Europe 1

    décembre 3, 2013 : Since September, the French Radio Station Europe 1 has displayed an embedded TweetWall on their website. Not only are Tweets displayed, but messages sent from their website are included. In 3 months, over 150,000 Tweets and 8,000 messages have appeared, which has been incredible! However the story doesn't end here...

    As Europe 1 presenters talk about politics, the news and other controversial topics, online viewers and listeners take part in the conversation through Twitter and messaging. Their content appears on the website in a vertical format, like our 90 degree standard animation. Customized according to the radio colors the TweetWall is displayed to the right side of the live studio webcam.

    Cyril Hanouna - Europe 1

    So far, the TweetWall has been online during 4 differents shows per day, 5 days a week. The TweetWall averages around 2,500 Tweets and 133 messages per day. Fully satisfied and wanting more participation, Europe 1 has decided to continue the TweetWall adventure for one more year. Starting now, the TweetWall is almost permanent since it displays for more than 15 hours per day.

    Europe 1 enjoys the use of the following two key standard TweetWall Pro features. 

    • The possibility to automatically reject reTweets: Under the moderation tab, this option is activated preventing countless displays of the same Tweet. 
    • The reports: After each weekly session, Europe 1 reviews Tweet content and Twitpics to identify trends and extend their network. 

    With this embedded TweetWall and the live video, the radio is demonstrating the importance of offering diverse communication channels simultaneously to meet a wider audience and expanding community. 





T?moignages tous les lire

During the Biennial in Florence, the organizers wanted to include social networks to the event. They have installed a TweetWall inside the Palazzo Vecchio, the city's medieval town hall.

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