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  • Great conferences, interesting people and a TweetWall #IBCshow

    septembre 10, 2012 : Part of our team is enjoying IBC and Amsterdam for a few days. We are lucky enough to attend conferences with amazing speakers such as James Cameron and Will.I.Am.


    The IBC trade fair, taking place in Amsterdam, opened its doors last Thursday and we are part of the adventure.  A TweetWall is displayed during every session in the conference room. Moderation is the key for the IBC organizers since they use their TweetWall for the Q&A part. It encourages people to Tweet and we noticed that they can’t wait for the Q&A to start to look at their Tweets.

    We are enjoying those conferences too. So far, we have listened to people from Google, IBM, Samsung, Intel, Ericsson and the BBC. The most famous speakers were certainly James Cameron, talking about 3D in the movies and Will.I.Am, speaking about how to engage people in innovative projects and how important creativity is. Inspiring…

    We are also meeting great people sharing ideas for our tool. We are already working on those ideas and on new features.





T?moignages tous les lire

Last month, Blackberry organized two events: the US launch of Blackberry 10 and the South by Southwest activation. For both events, they wanted to have a TweetWall. Melanie Masson, Social Media Marketing at Blackberry, comes back to her experience with us.

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