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  • Guess Who Will Be our Next Client #GuessWhoTWP

    février 11, 2013 : Find out who our mystery client is and win our challenge!


    Every two weeks, TweetWall Pro will challenge you on Twitter and Facebook. Guess who will be our next client or the next event where a TweetWall will be installed and win!

    Challenges start on Tuesday and you have till Friday to take it up. You can ask us as many questions as you want; but we'll answer only by 'Yes' or 'No'.
    If you are really stuck, we might help you with clues so stay tuned.

    The first challenge will start tomorrow. Will you be our first winner?





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"By using TweetWall Pro, you are extending your local audience into the virtual world ! [...] You multiply your tweets by 2, by 3, by 4 [...] and it's great for your sponsors" Jürgen Coetsiers - CTO TCS Digital World - Co-organizer AppsMarathon

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