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  • How to Maximize your Tweets #thevoicebe?

    février 28, 2012 : Want to tweet about The Voice Belgique but don't know how to do it? We give you a short guide to maximize your tweets and have a chance to see them on the TweetWalls tonight.



    The show is about to start and we can't wait to see how the Twitter community will give life to our TweetWalls on television!
    How to do it ? Here is a short guide...
    Mention The Voice
    Always put thevoicebe in your tweets. Whether you add a # or an @ before it, our system will recognize your tweet as part of the The Voice discussion. It may then appear on one of the two regular TweetWalls or on the TweetWorm. And it certainly will be taken into consideration by the TweetGraph.

    Use the candidate's hashtag to vote for him/her
    There will be 12 candidates to support tonight. Each of them has a unique hashtag. If you want to see the candidate's bar growing on the TweetVote, you have to mention it. It is usually the hash key + the candidate's first name (without accent)+ TVB (for The Voice Belgique).

    Example : if you want to vote for Stéphanie, tweet #StephanieTVB.

    Watch out, there are two candidates called Caroline ! Add the first letter of her last name after her first name.

    Tonight candidate's hashtags:

    Julie Compagnon => #JulieTVB
    Marco Celsi => #MarcoTVB
    Mégan Giart => #MeganTVB
    Léonie Wasukulu => #LeonieTVB
    Caroline Gonda => #CarolineGTVB
    Roberto Bellarosa => #RobertoTVB
    Maïkel Chauveau => #MaikelTVB
    Juliane Chleide => #JulianeTVB
    Renato Bennardo => #RenatoTVB
    Charlotte Moors => #CharlotteTVB
    Stéphanie Hansen => #StephanieTVB
    Luc de Wacter => #LucTVB


    Now, let's Tweet!





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