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  • It Is Time To Make Way for Social Media Engagement Believers

    février 1, 2013 : Firstly seen as a way to keep in touch with friends or meet people sharing the same interests, social media are now slipping in our professional life. In the last decade, LinkedIn has shown how powerful a virtually gathered network could be and brands have invaded social media in general. Still, companies are wondering whether or not to include social media in their strategy...


    In typical business events such as conferences, Twitter has become a backchannel. Attendees use it to exchange news and documents or to answer to others’ questions. Like it or not, an online conversation starts at the very moment the speaker goes on stage. Who will ask around when he/she can directly and quietly address to the speaker?

     ‘Our job is now to speak to and through the people in our audience simultaneously’ . Brian Solis (leader in social media and author of ‘The End of Business as Usual’, 2012) expresses this audience’s need to share with its own audience on social networks. Those channels are now part of all kind of events, conferences but also concerts, tv shows, sports and even corporate events. These new ways of communication are not limited to our private life anymore; they are entering the corporate world. They can no longer be left outside.

    As a matter of fact companies will have to strengthen their online presence in the coming years. Not only they have to listen to their customers and employees; but socially engage. A study conducted by the PulsePoint Group and the Economist Intelligence Unit (“The Economics of the Socially Engage Enterprise”, 2012) shows that social media engagement has a business impact. It might go up to four times better results than less-engaged companies. As a consequence,  ‘companies need to develop a real plan for engagement, as well as develop the appropriate skills, tools, and knowledge. Unfocused or nominal engagement doesn’t bring in the big results’ .  

    In 2013, social media engagement goes beyond marketing and sales departments. The more people are involved, the more efficient the engagement is. Some are more important to convince than others. Indeed, results are better when highest-level executives are real social media believers. According to a majority of managers interviewed for the study, young people expect and value engagement as both employee and customer. They are the ones granting importance to social media but not the only ones to believe in when it comes to business. Believing is a key word since establishing an engagement strategy will never be as good as including social media because it is self-evident. ‘There’s no doubt it’s good for companies to be aware of what constituents want and to try to keep them happy. But to do something simply because it is expected is vastly different than seeing the power of new technology and looking for strategic ways to unleash it’ .  

    As usual, there is another side of the coin. Companies ready to deal with a community have to be able to accept all kinds of comments, as those might be negative. But they can help businesses to face what is not properly working. If the company deal with them cautiously, negative comments can be truly useful.

    We said it was good for business; it is good for the company itself too. Social media are powerful networking and collaborating tools. They enhance the communication within the employees. Companies are more and more willing to display Twitter in their hallways to encourage people to join the discussion. In corporate events, employees enjoy seeing screens showing the activity on social media in real-time. They can discuss both online and offline. They can react online and have a face-to-face conversation. It is well known now that employees are the best ambassadors of their company. Breaking the walls between departments, location or levels and let everyone join the discussion is a good way to give a brand a great image. Social media are part of both internal and external communication.

    In 2013, the number of big companies engaged in social media will surely grow tremendously. Customers and employees are asking for contact through those channels. More and more brands offer a customer service on Twitter or answer to queries through Facebook. Companies are keen to include social media to their events. They want to be seen on social networks as much as where the event is actually taking place. Social media engagement seems to be a mandatory shift to survive in a society where online and offline have become complementary.





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