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  • Let's Break the Record #TheVoiceBe!

    mars 6, 2012 : Last week, 16,000 tweets have been shared during The Voice Belgique. It's time to break that record! Refer to our hashtag list to vote for your favourite talent of the night.



    The Voice Belgique enthusiasts, it’s time to express yourself on Twitter! Last week, candidates were looking at Twitter during the show so don’t miss the opportunity to address them directly by using their hashtags.

    Here is the list of the ones performing tonight.

    Michel Colyn => #MichelTVB
    Dunia Moreno => #DuniaTVB
    P-Jo Logan => #PJoTVB
    Daisy Hermans => #DaisyTVB
    Giusy Piccarreta => #GiusyTVB
    Kevin Cools => #KevinTVB
    Lubiana Kepaou => #LubianaTVB
    Caroline Bloukiaux => #CarolineBTVB
    Mathieu Duchêne => #MathieuTVB
    Meggy Niessen => #MeggyTVB
    Christian Aines => #ChristianTVB
    Simon Fosseprez => #SimonTVB

    You can already see what's happening in the SmartRoom on The Voice website (the small window on the right).

    If you want to maximize your tweets, have a look at our guide.


    There is a 16,000 tweets record to break. Challenge accepted?






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