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  • Meet the TweetWall Pro Team at the ICT Spring Fair Next Week

    juin 13, 2012 : Some of us are leaving the office for a few days. We are going to Luxemburg for a trade fair about innovation.


    Luxemburg seemed to be exotic enough to leave the office. So Tuesday, 19th and Wednesday, 20th we will be attending the ICT Spring fair.



    What is it exactly that fair?
    Innovation is not a game, but a burst of inspiration, tactics and processes: the product of a logical thought. (…) ICT Spring is all about innovation: cloud computing, digital distribution, mobility, social networks and media, disruptive technologies, with a special highlight on trust in security.

    So, basically, this is a big meeting about innovation (according to the official website).


    What is the idea behind?
    The general idea is to bring together people from innovative fields; from start-ups to established companies and from CEO’s to tech decisions-makers. How to meet them? By visiting their stand, attending workshops and conferences, etc.

    Speaking of start-ups, there will be Djengo, Woorank and PeerTrust among others. Have look at the list for more.


    What will TweetWall Pro do there?
    A TweetWall will show how much the Twitosphere cares about innovation.
    But we’ll also represent TweetWall Pro as an innovative company. We’ll have a stand and brand new roll-ups. Isn't it the perfect opportunity to meet us?


    What is exciting about innovation?
    Well… Get your tickets for the fair and we’ll convince you!


    ICT Spring
    19th – 20th June 2012
    Luxexpo Kirchberg, Luxembourg





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