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  • Reject RT and Select Priority Users

    novembre 19, 2013 : Always looking to improve our tool and services, we have redesigned our automatic filters and moderation. No big changes but great improvements...


    Tweets are often reTeweeted (RT) multiple times and go viral. While this is appealing for the author, it isn't for your TweetWall... With our moderation tool previoulsly you had to reject the Tweet numerous times or if you weren't using moderation, see the same Tweet over and over again. With our new filters you can automatically reject all reTweets. This option has been added to the Automatic filters section.

    What are the automatic filters?

    We have gathered the automatic filters in one section. In this tab, you can select to reject RT, filter users and/or words to ban. By entering a list of users/words to ban you can block unwanted contact and particular users. 

    What are the other sections?

    Below the automatic filters, is the manual moderation section. Activate manual moderation and choose how many levels of moderation you need.

    Is there more?

    Yes, there is! We offer an additional option: Priority Users. This option allows you to select specific users to bypass any filter or manual moderation. Their Tweets are immediately released to theTweetWall, appearing in chronological order of the time of release. The moderator, for example, can add his/er username and make sure s/he won't have to accept his/her own Tweets.

    Moderation tool TweetWall Pro

    We hope this new and improved design is clear.

    Enjoy your event and relax, while your Tweets are filtered!





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"As Finland's largest event producer we would like to thank Tweetwall Pro. The product worked perfectly on our pilot event using it." Jan Lindholm Project Director

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