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  • TweetWall Pro Wins It's First Industry Crown At The Event Tech Awards

    novembre 18, 2014 : November 13th was an exciting day for those of us that work in event technology. The annual “Event Tech Awards” were held at the prestigious ‘Troxy’ in the heart of London’s East End. A more suitable venue would have been difficult to find. Originally a brewery, the Troxy was re-imagined in 1933 as a ‘grand cinema’, designed to seat more than 3,500 people! The cinema had luxurious seating areas and mirror-lined restaurants and all the staff wore evening dress. It seemed like Hollywood had come to Commercial Road in all its glory. Outside was a blaze of lights, inside a large foyer with a large sweeping staircase, chandeliers, floor to ceiling mirrors and thick carpets.

    Maintaining all of its original Hollywood glamour in its present reincarnation as London's most versatile venue, the event technology glitterati couldn't have felt more at home. Decked in dinner jackets and ball gowns, 500 of the industry's leading lights were treated to a fabulous four course meal, before Irish comedian Andrew Ryan steered the throng through the evening's main event - the awards themeselves.

    ETA Awards 2014

    I'd like to say that for each prize, hush fell over the crowds, as the anticipation of the next award built, but we all know that keeping the event industry "hushed" is an impossible task! The reoom was filled with buzz, those in the event tech world letting themselves relax at the end of a busy 2014. Prizes were given for "best newcomer", "best ticketing technology", "best audio visual technology" and a dozen more before our category "best use of social media" was announced. Our new friends around table 38 drew a deep breath. The three of us from TweetWall Pro looked nervously at each other. We were in a catergory with seven amazing companies, so just to be shortlisted was a honour.

    In his Irish drawl, Andrew Ryan spoke "and the winner is..." and in true X Factor style paused for effect. When he next spoke, it was as if time stood still. We couldn't believe it! Our project with New Era at the London NFL games had won! Well, if that didn't deserve another glass of bubbly, we don't know what would.

    TweetWall Pro Wins Award at ETA 2014

    You can see our award winning activation here:



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"By using TweetWall Pro, I think we have changed the dynamic of events for Silicon Valley." Mario Tapia - Director MobileMonday Silicon Valley

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