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  • Wow! What a Whirlwind 2014 Has Been!

    décembre 29, 2014 : We already knew we'd had an amazing 2014 BUT it wasn't until we reviewed the year as a whole that we came to realise just exactly how much we had accomplished and how many remarkable events we have had the fortune to be a part of.

    2015 is already set to be an even better year with event planners, event agencies and corporate brands discovering the power of integrating Social Media Walls at their events. We can't wait to work on all the new projects with you!

    In the meantime, here's an overview of our highlights over the past 12 months - enjoy!


    Mobile World CongressPerhaps the biggest event we were lucky to be part of was in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 85,000 attendees enjoyed the event split across two world-class venues with over 100 screens, displaying a variety of TweetWalls both inside and outside. The Twittersphere went wild when Facebook Founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and President and CEO of IBM, Virginia M. Rometty each presented their keynotes. 

    AIBTM Selfie Challenge

    In June, Orlando Convention Center was home to the AIBTM Conference - a world class event for the meetings and events industry. They ran an unforgetable #Selfie campaign with the TweetWall at the same time as jam-packing the agenda with inspirational speakers and housing over 700 exhibitors.

    Event 360 TweetWallEvent 360˚at the beginning of June (June was a very busy month for us) was a real eye-opener with plenty of new and ingenious ideas for taking events up a level. From "tapping" badges to make connections with Blendology to finding a diamond in your champagne glass, and everything you can imagine in between. The event was inspirational and a notable highlight was the keynote by Twitter's Brand Manager, Will Scougal.

    Our Largest TweetWall

    World Hepatitis Day TweetWallHepatitis affects so many lives and so, for World Hepatitis Day, the World Hepatitis Alliance were determined to find a way to make a HUGE impact with their #ThinkHepatitis campaign alongside the Commonwealth Games. Their massive TweetWall worked perfectly with maximum impact, spreading awareness about the condition. The TweetWall grabbed the attention of passers by displaying virtual bricks that held negative comments which then flipped over to reveal positive statements as people Tweeted with the hashtag. Once all the bricks had been flipped, a volunteer would push a big red button, triggering the wall of bricks to crumble and fall, then a informative video played. Read more about it here.

    Brand Activations

    Brand Activations2014 has proved our SocialWalls being instrumental in exponential brand exposure. To name but a few, Pernod Ricard Sub Saharan events trended on Twitter and achieved tremendous reach, Jazzercise UK increased their following by 185% in just a few days, and British retail chain Jack Wills went viral by inviting their customers to post images of themselves wearing brand jeans using the hashtag #JWTweetTreat in exchange for a pair of socks.

    Sporting Events

    The Open TweetWallWe didn't find evidence of a "Hole In One" in the Tweets for The Open Championship in July but our variety of TweetWalls were certainly winners on over 400 screens around the Royal Liverpool Club in England. Our ticker style TweetWall also gave weather warnings and spectator advice, enhancing the experience for all.

    We think our TweetWalls got Queen Elizabeth II Tweeting! We haven't been able to verify with Buckingham Palace yet, but we think it more than a coincidence that the day after she saw our Champions Day TweetWalls at Ascot she sent her first Tweet. That said, the social media team for Ascot Racing ran an impressive campaign, embedding a TweetWall on their website in addition to those installed onsite which led to a reach of nearly 9 million Twitter users.

    Champions Day TweetWall


    Our Social Walls have found themselves featuring alongside stars of the stage and screen many times in the last 12 months, often sharing the red carpet!

    Imagine how excited fans were when they saw their Tweets appear along side their idols at The Rolling Stones concert in Singapore, and the delight of viewers seeing their Tweets appear on TV next to up and coming stars of The Voice in Ireland.

    Film Premiers such as Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, The Hobbit, Spiderman 2, Transformers and many more, encouraged fans to Tweet by lining up TweetWalls along the red carpet (or green in the case of the Hobbit) in Leicester Square, London. Movie PremiersIncreased exposure and social conversation were also intensified with the use of our TweetWalls at festivals, such as the International Film Festival in Miami.

    We Won An Award!

    Award TweetWall Pro ETAWinning an award was most definitely not something we had envisaged, so winning the Event Technology Award for Best Use of Social Media 2014 in November was amazing. The reason we won the award for was for our involvement in the NFL event in Regent street towards the end of 2013 (for which they also coincidently won an award).


    Seasonal Social WallsSeasonal TweetWalls

    If all that wasn't enough, in October we launched our first seasonal Halloween Social Wall, followed by our Christmas and Party Social Walls in December. These fun Walls were included within our standard animations and given special "party package" license rates. Keep an eye out for some more next year!

    Thank You

    As 2014 draws to a close we would like to say Thank You to everyone we have had the pleasure to work with on so many amazing projects - that goes for customers, event professionals, venue staff and AV providers. The events industry is an unpredictable and remarkable industry to work in and we feel very lucky to be a part of it.

    See you in 2015!

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