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  • NRJ Uses a TweetWall to Create Interaction

    septembre 19, 2012 : On 15th of September, we were attending that great concert hold by the radio NRJ near Brussels. The radio wanted to create more interaction and displayed a TweetWall during the whole show. It was a success!

    The radio NRJ used the social networks to promote and talk about the concert in real-time. On Facebook, it counted more than 18,000 actions (like and comments) on Saturday. The radio is now the most liked French-speaking radio in Belgium with more than 50.000 likes.

    Artists and followers sent more then 2,500 Tweets with #nip2012. The topic entered into the top 5 trend topics Twitter (the most Tweeted topics) in Belgium and France.

    NRJ tells you the story of the NRJ in the Park 2012 through a Storify page.


    NRJ In The Park 2012 & TweetWall Pro : Testimonial from TweetWall Pro on Vimeo.





T?moignages tous les lire

During the Biennial in Florence, the organizers wanted to include social networks to the event. They have installed a TweetWall inside the Palazzo Vecchio, the city's medieval town hall.

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