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  • On June 30th to Celebrate Mashable Social Media Day : TweetWall Pro Will Be Completely Free !

    juin 27, 2011 :

    As every year on June 30th, Mashable is inviting us to celebrate social networks and social media. The Social Media Day, it’s about 1400 Meetups organised around the world attending thousands of people !

    Like last year, TweetWall Pro joins the event by offering a free* access to the TweetWall which best suits your event. So you can now choose from one of our 20 professional TweetWalll layouts available in our catalogue.

    How-To ?

    After registration, visit the promo code page and use this one: SMDAY. Then configure your TweetWall by selecting your prefered layout and check the other options (hashtag to use for selecting tweets, sliding announcements, sponsors, automatic moderation, …) to fit your needs. That’s all !

    Reminder about the advantage of using Tweet Wall Pro for your event :

    There is no social networks and social media party without a TweetWall ! No way ! Our TweetWall brings interactivity and reputation to your event !

    Interactivity: Your attendees tweets (and attached pics) will be displayed within a few seconds on a huge screen. So fun ! You can also moderate (approve or reject) each messages to display only the best ones !

    Reputation: The presence of TweetWall Pro in the room will stimulate attendees and make them tweet more and more using the official hashtag of your party. Their followers will read all these messages on their timeline and will even want to join the party, this year if still possible… or definitely next year !


    So, Social Media Day meetup organizers, go to and create a great experience for FREE* by using the promo code:



    (*) this coupon allows you to use TweetWall Pro for 12 hours during the Social Media Day (30th of June 2011)





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