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  • Facebook On Your Social Wall

    juin 10, 2015 : Gone are the days of only using Twitter on TweetWalls or TwitterWalls - these days you can display content from an array of social networks and other platforms on your "Social Wall".

    In addition to Twitter, Instagram, SMS and Web Messaging, our Social Walls can also pull in content from Facebook - by far the largest social network and one that has a lot to offer when it comes to events.

    What makes Facebook so appealing for your Social Wall is the variety of ways you can gather content, with the added benefit of your future communications reaching more people due to Facebook's algorythm, which is is influenced by the popularity of past posts. (Read more about this in our blog Why Facebook Is Fabulous For Events)

    How Can Facebook Be Used On Your Social Wall?

    • Facebook Page Feed - this pulls in all new posts to the Page
    • Facebook Post - this pulls in all comments made on a particular post
    • Events Pages - if you have a dedicated page for your event, you can pull in content from that too.

    Facebook Social Wall

    The Live Center makes it easy for you to add new Facebook posts or page feeds on the fly (as long as you've told us you want to use Facebook) as well as other social media networks.

    Facebook Page Feed setting

    We think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all work fantastically for events, and Social Walls build on that by creating a buzz and enhancing your online communities at the same time.

    Make sure you get in touch to arrange your very own Social Wall for your next event - we can't wait to talk to you.  

    In the meantime, why not read about why our Moderation tool is so special, or how you can use Gamification to drive engagement at your events.





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