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  • Gamification And Tag Cloud Filters

    février 4, 2015 : Just what you've been waiting for!

    You won't help but feel like the Master of the Social Wall Universe with the latest update to our Gamification and Tag Cloud Social Walls.


    You can now remove specific users from your leaderboards. For example, you may want to make sure your brand or own username doesn't appear on screen.

    You can filter users by their username in the Filtering tab.

    ReTweet Filtering

    Or just click on the blue circle to the bottom right of the image to remove in the Current Top Users tab.TweetWall Pro Leaderboard example


    Do you want to ban a user from the top ReTweets Leaderboard? No problem! 

    Just select the option from the list of current Top ReTweets.  Ban the user, or ban the specific message. 

    Ban the user from Social Wall


    In the Contest feature you can now choose specific sources for the contest, so you can promote single channels, such as a Selfie Instagram competition, in addition to filtering the specific users.  In the settings you can now also choose whether you want to allow previous winners to win again. 


    Tag Cloud

    In the Tag Cloud, pick specific words not to be included on the visual display! Simply type in the word in the Filtering section or select the circle next to the word in the Current words section to remove the word. 

    TagCloud filter

    Tag Cloud Banned Word List

    Have you used any of our Gamification features at your event yet?

    These Leaderboards, Contests/Polls and Tag Clouds are a handy addition to all our Social Walls at no extra cost (unless you want to customize them). Just switch them on in your settings before you press play and unleash them at your convenience to spark competition and increase engagement at your event.

    Feel like adding some fun and competition? Get in touch and we can explain how it all works, or have a play with our Demo - don't forget to switch them on in the settings before you hit Play and go to the Live Center.

    See you again soon!






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