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  • Highlights - New Live Center Update

    avril 27, 2015 : We have ways of making your chosen Tweets and messages stand out on your Social Wall!

    Why not give it a try at your next event?

    If you've previously used our highlight feature for messages on your TweetWall, you need to know that the settings have now moved from the Dashboard to the Live Center, under Display Settings.

    Triggers can be set to automatically apply Blinking Avatars (profile pictures) or White Flashes as the message first appears.

    Highlighting Tweets on the Social Wall TweetWall Pro

    What's also really cool now is that you have the ability to Tag any individual messages in the Moderation tab with both or either of these too, so you can spotlight anything that may be interesting, poignant or even just fun! And because you've tagged them, you can easily find them for follow up or reference later.

    Tag a Tweet for Highlighting

    We love the added opportunities that highlighting messages bring to our Social Walls, from generating sponsorship revenue, to giving speakers or exhibitors VIP treatment and, at the same time stimulating the social conversation.

    Give us a call to try it for yourself at your next event!

    Make sure you also catch up with our other latest product updates; Social Feed, Message Flow and Live Stats.

    Speak to you soon!





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TweetWall Pro provided a new dimension to interactivity between (...) speakers and attendees. In my opinion, it is the best Twitter based solution in the market. Hilary Newton - Head of Conference Programme Management

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