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  • Message Flow - New Live Center Update

    avril 27, 2015 : Now you can control the speed, adjust the shuffle as well as pause, play and scroll though the content on your Social Wall.


    When you first access Message Flow, via the Display Settings menu, you find the Remote Control.

    Remote Control for Social Wall

    Just click on any of the buttons to pause, play or scroll through the messages on your Social Wall. This can be especially handy when you want to bring attention to the right message at the right time for Q & A sessions, or hold on a specific post such as the  "best Tweet" of the day.

    From within the Settings tab, you can manipulate a number of settings to determine how your messages appear on screen.

    The first option enables you to set a fixed period between the messages appearing on your Wall. Just slide the slider to adjust the delay for opmtimal flow.

    Social Wall Message Speed TweetWall Pro

    When the Message Display settings are set to normal (see below) your Wall will display accepted messages in the order they were accepted.

    For events that attract a high volume of traffic, the Size option allows you to keep the onscreen messages current by only displaying the most recent accepted messages.

    Message Display TweetWall Pro

    As a default, messages shuffle randomly through previously accepted messages when there isn't any new content to display.

    This works just fine for most events but there can be times when you might want to limit the shuffle by time or number of messages, especially if they are time sensitive - such as announcing speakers coming up or what's for lunch.

    Message Shuffle

    Of course, you don't HAVE to use any of these additional settings - the default settings work just fine for many events, but sometimes it's just nice to know that you have other options that can make your Social Wall work even better for you.

    Check out more of our latest updates and new features with Social Feed, Highlight and Live Stats.

    Got an event coming up soon that you think might need a solution like this, you know what to do - contact us today for a chat!





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