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  • New Improved Standard Features and Live Center

    novembre 4, 2014 : Just when we thought the best TweetWalls (that would be ours) couldn't get better, our developers go and create a whole range of new features and updates.

    Be prepared to be amazed as you discover what comes with our Standard Offering, and we reveal new features of our Live Center that give you complete control over your Social Wall.

    Standard Offering

    As a quick and easy solution for displaying Tweets, Instagram, SMS and Web Messaging to your Social Wall we now offer over 10 standard animation templates. These are:

    • Wheel
    • Twitter Fall
    • Basic Slide
    • High Five
    • Twitter Like
    • 90 Degrees
    • Ticker Style
    • Message Rotate
    • Rotate Full Screen
    • Pic Rotate 3D 
    • Cube

    For a brief description of each animation see our Standard Templates page or to see them in action, go to your demo account (or create one if you don't have one - it's easy and free to set up).

    Live Center

    You won't believe the amount of control you can have over your Social Wall!

    The Live Center is your control console where you can monitor, schedule and adjust all content and settings in real-time.

    Dependent on your session settings prior to launching the Live Centre, you will be able to directly access some or all of the following:

    Live Centre Control Panel

    And what's even more convenient is that it can be accessed on any device connected to the internet, including phones, tablets and laptops.


    Worried about inapppropriate messages displaying on your Social Wall? Or maybe you want to filter out ReTweets or messages with links?

    There are plenty of options to choose from AND you can even curate Tweets from Twitter to display highly relevant messages at key times to enhance your event. Find out more on our Moderation page.


    There's nothing like competition to compel your audience to take action. 

    We now offer, not one, not two, but THREE standard gamification features which can be displayed on demand or to a schedule.

    Choose from:

    • Most Active User
    • Top ReTweets
    • Contest

    Find out more about them on our Gamification page.

    TweetWall Most Active Users 

    TweetWall Contest Wheel Selection

    TweetWall Mosaic Winner selection

    Tag Cloud

    Sometimes also referred to as a Word Cloud, our great new Tag Cloud standard feature is an adjustable, dynamic display of popular message content which can be displayed on demand or to a schedule.

    TweetWall Pro Tag Cloud


    Call attention to sponsors, event speakers, messages from your brand or key Twitter users with our built in Highlight option (custom highlights are also available for unique highlight options).

    Advertisement Integration

    Wow your audience with images of new products and draw attention to specific information by integrating videos and/or images!

    Generate revenue opportunities by inviting sponsors to advertise on the big screen - it's prime real estate after all! 

    Find more revenue generating ideas with your Social Wall here.


    Scrolling text appears along the bottom of your Social Wall to make real-time announcements to your audience. Welcome attendees, communicate your hashtag, event/speaker reminders etc. All can be pre-scheduled or displayed on the fly.

    Post Event Reports

    Want to know who your Top Tweeters were? How about access to an album of all the shared pictures in one handy place? Exactly which messages were accepted or rejected, and how many were there?

    Find out all of the above and more in our comprehensive Post Event Reports - here's a link to a sample report for you to explore.


    With our Standard Social Walls, Gamification options, Tag Cloud, Highlighting, Advertising and Announcement features you've now got more features than ever to boost audience engagement and propel your entire event experience to the next level.

    Our Live Center and Moderation control panels deliver you complete command over content and settings in just a few clicks.

    All this is ready right out-of-the-box - all you need to purchase is the airtime (license).

    Why not dive in and have a play with the demos in your account today? It's free to try.

    When your occasion calls for something a little more unique or to compliment your branding, get in touch - customization is what we do best!

    Have fun!





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