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  • New Improved TweetWall Pro Demo

    février 10, 2014 : Have you wanted to see how a TweetWall contest runs or see the voting feature in action? Well… you now can!

    With our improved online demo you can view up to 20 different TweetWall animations including custom designs, special features and our full standard offering.

    It’s really simple. From our homepage there is a link to view the demo. Click on the button and then log in if you have an existing account with TweetWall Pro, or create a log in if you are new.

    Once you are logged in, our software will take you straight to the demo version, where you select one of the pre-defined hashtags and an animation below to view.

    Check out our range of customization options from simple logo integration to complete custom animated TweetWalls. Run a vote and a contest to see how much fun they can be.

    You can return to the session settings as many times as you like to view various animations. Each session lasts an hour, so if you find yourself playing in the software longer than that, you will just need to create a new session.

    If you are an existing user, when you create a new session the software is going to look a little different to you, but don’t worry! Discover what has changed in our blog post Change as an Existing User.

    Have some fun and see what exciting things you can incorporate at your next event or meeting!





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The 2013 edition of the FedTalks was held on June, 12. "The largest annual gathering of the top 1000 leaders from the tech and government IT communities" took place in Washington, D.C. Joe Corbett, Lanyap Creative Co-Founder in charge of the TweetWall for the event, shares his experience with us.

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