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  • Remote Control - Time Travel for Social Walls!

    février 11, 2015 : Real-time conversation is what makes a Social Wall excite attendees and encourage them to engage.

    With our new Remote Control feature you reap all the benefits of real-time conversation, with the added ability to pause, rewind and fast forward messages at the touch of a button.

    So why would you want to make time stand still, travel back to a previous Tweet or fast forward to a future Instagram message?

    Question and Answer Sessions

    Timing is everything, right?

    When you have a speaker at your event who is open to questions from the floor, pausing the Social Wall while it shows the relevant message helps keep everyone focused. 

    The audience is also more likely to join the conversation if they think there is a chance that they are going to be heard or see their message on the big screen.

    Move on to the next question when you're ready or maybe it's relevant to re-clarify something mentioned a few messages back, or tie in a Tweet that's further on in the queue.

    With the added option of automatically pausing on the specific message, or allowing the stream to play on from a set point, the Remote Control feature functions in the same way as your music player, with the instantly familiar Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward buttons.

    TweetWall Pro Remote Control

    Made A Mistake?

    Did you accept a Tweet you shouldn't have, and are worried that it's going to hit the screen any moment?

    Don't panic - just click on the Remote Control tab and hit the Pause button while you find the offending message and reject it from your Moderated stream.

    Perhaps you know it's coming up next and simply want to skip over it? You can do that too!

    Or maybe you just noticed it as it landed on the big screen? Quick! Hit Forward and within milliseconds it's replaced by a new message - almost seamlessly!


    However and wherever you are using a Social Wall, we're sure you'll agree that this new feature will give you peace of mind and help your event run smoothly, without the need for a "real" Time Machine!

    Our Live Center has many more useful features for controlling your Social Wall display and content to make your event a huge success.

    Don't forget to log-in and play around with all of our features, new demo Social Walls, and Gamification and Tag Cloud animations to see just how easy and effective they are.

    Remember, we are here to answer any questions or brainstorm ideas for your next event - we love to help!

    See you next time!





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